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It is important to properly care for Sterling Silver jewellery to keep it looking as beautiful as the first day you received it. To care for your silver jewellery, it is important to be conscious of how you store, wear, and clean your jewellery.


Tarnishing, also known as oxidation, is caused when oxygen or sulfer comes in contact with sterling silver. It gives it a darker colour. The oxygen in the air will tarnish sterling silver so storing your jewellery correctly will minimize this. Here are a couple of tips on how to care for your silver;

  • Store jewellery pieces individually in an airtight container or bag.
  • Place in an area of low humidity

What to avoid whilst wearing your jewellery

Wearing your silver jewellery regularly can actually help prevent tarnishing since the oils from your body have a cleaning effect. Some activities however can have a damaging effect on the silver. Please remove your jewellery before doing any of the following activities;

  • Using household cleaning supplies.
  • Sunbathing
  • Swimming
  • Spraying hairspray or perfumes.
  • Putting on Lotion and Makeup

How to keep your jewellery clean

The most effective way to clean your silver or gold vermeil jewellery is to use a silver polishing cloth (available from most supermarkets).

Avoid using silver dip on any jewellery that is gold plated or has any stones, engraving, or oxidized parts.

 Gold Vermeil 

Gold vermeil is simply a layer of gold on top of sterling silver.The gold vermeil we use for our jewellery is 14ct and has a thickness of 3 microns.

To preserve the gold layer on your jewellery it is best to avoid emersing your jewellery in water ie. whilst bathing or washing up.

For care of gold vermeil please follow the same rules as for sterling silver.