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Charm bracelets are the perfect way to carry a memento of all your favorite things. Whether you want to dedicate your bracelet to your family, your pets, your hobbies, all of these things are possible.

Popular between the ’50s and ’60s, charm bracelets are making their presence known in the here and now.

With their unique flair for customization, it’s easy to see why they’re so popular. But how do you build your own charm bracelet? What steps are involved?

Continue reading to find out!

1. Select a Theme

Most charm bracelets have a theme in mind. The theme can be anything you could want. There are charms for anything and everything so the sky is the limit.

Themes make the bracelet more cohesive, but sometimes no theme is a theme in its own right. There’s a certain interest in adding charms to your bracelet as you find them.

Collecting charms throughout the years rather than making the bracelet all in one go can be a rewarding process.

2. Choose a Chain

The next step is to pick out your chain. This is the base of your charm bracelet, so make sure it suits your overall theme! Many different materials are available, including gold, silver, and more.

You’ll want a chain of links big enough to hang your charms. Without those important loops, your charms won’t have anywhere to go.

It should also have some extra length so that the bracelet will fit your wrist once its full of your favorite country themed charms. This extra length should be only half an inch or so.

3. Pick Your Charms

This is the fun part of the entire process. Finding those charms!

So many charms exist that it may take some time to find the perfect match, but don’t worry. There are equestrian charms and charms for bath products. There are nature-themed charms and even charms that look like food.

There are also charms that would make great presents for your mum.

You don’t have to pick out all of the charms in one go if you don’t want. Finding the right match for your bracelet could take some time.

But that’s part of what makes charm bracelets so great. They look beautiful on your wrist even if it’s not complete.

4. Extra Details

The last step to build a charm bracelet is to put in the final personalized touches.

You can place the charms in a specific order or put them on in a way that looks right. You can place dividers and stoppers to make those precious charms stand out even more.

Don’t be afraid to play with the design as much as you’d like. You can always put it back together again if you get tired of the setup.

Build Your Own Charm Bracelet However You Want

The ultimate appeal as you build your own charm bracelet is the fact that you can make it as personal as you’d like. It can be catered to your preferences or you can take the time to make it a special gift for a loved one.

There are so many things you can do with these bracelets, you can jump right in and start at any time. You’ll always end up with something beautiful and meaningful.

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