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Do you have a parent or mentor who is wise, protects you, and guides you through life? Do you want to give that person a gift that holds deep meaning and that they will cherish?

People who exhibit such character traits share them with the fox. In many cultures across the world, the fox is a symbol of intelligence, cunning, wisdom, and a protector or guide. Gifting your parent or mentor a fox necklace shows them you appreciate how wise they are and how closely they watch out for you.

A beautiful fox necklace is a timeless and personal gift for the parent or mentor in your life.

Here’s why so many cultures revere the fox and why it’s the perfect symbol for your parent or mentor.

A Fox Necklace for the Wise and Intelligent

In Celtic and some Native American traditions, the fox is a symbol of wisdom and intelligence.

Celts believed that foxes knew the forest around them so well they could find their way wherever they wished to go. The Celtic people highly valued that wisdom. The fox held a special place in their traditions and stories.

The fox is a tricky character for Native Americans. Some groups pictured the fox as a cunning trickster with a darker side. But some tribes in Northern California or parts of the Midwest and Northeast viewed the fox’s cunning as wise. In all cases, the fox is said to be intelligent.

There are certainly many times in your life when you have valued your parent’s wisdom and intelligence. The fox as an animal symbol for your knowledgeable and helpful parents and mentors is spot on.

A Fox Necklace for the Protector and Guide

In some regions, people also view the fox as a protector and guide.

In Celtic traditions, the fox’s knowledge of the forest indicates that it is an excellent guide. That ability to guide can be in the here and now or in the afterlife.

In Japan, folklore holds that the fox is a messenger from Inari, the rice god. People believe the fox’s status will protect you from evil spirits.

Our parents and mentors often guide us through life. They also protect us from hardships and difficulties. A fox necklace shows your appreciation for their guidance and protection.

What is a Fox Necklace?

Our fox handcrafted pendants for necklaces or bracelets are inspired by a love of the outdoors. They are also inspired by our love of the wise, intelligent, protecting and guiding people in our lives.

Show Your Appreciation for Your Parent with a Fox Necklace

Foxes are cunning and beautiful. People all over the world see them as creatures with many character traits we appreciate in our loved ones.

The pendants we craft showcase the symbolism attached to foxes and highlight how much you value your parents and mentors.

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