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Jewellery is the highest performing category in personal accessories, making 316 billion dollars in 2016.

Online sales growth for jewellery is also on the rise, with both fine jewellery and costume jewellery. That means basically everyone loves jewellery, so you can get nature-themed jewellery for your nature-loving friends.

Why You Should Gift Nature-Themed Jewellery

If you need a little extra help in the jewellery department and knowing how to wear it, you can read up on it. Once you’re done doing that, get your friends in on the action and give them the gift of nature-themed jewellery.

Jewellery Originated from Nature

The history of jewellery incorporated nature from the very start. If you have a friend who is particularly in tune with their natural side, they’ll appreciate that jewellery was first made from stone, shells, and bones.

Jewellery was possibly first made to mark status in society or use as protection. Items like gold were buried with the dead so it could go with them into the afterlife.

Jewellery Reflects Personality

When you’re picking out a gift for someone, the best ones that you can choose are specific. If you have a friend who likes bees, then get them bee jewellery.

The more individualized the present, the more that you’ll seem like you’re thinking of someone and know them well. What we wear is a reflection of our personality, and jewellery is no different.

It’s Unique

We’re used to seeing heart necklaces and gold chains, but nature-themed jewellery can add a different touch that other jewellery doesn’t have.

A tree necklace or a frog bracelet are both different choices that will stand out. Everyone has a favourite animal–if you find out your friend’s favourites, it will make a great gift.

There’s Wide Variety

You can get something for anyone when you’re working with jewellery inspired by nature.

Necklaces are an easy gift to give because you don’t have to know the recipient’s size. Nature-themed rings can be a beautiful choice, but mean you have to either know their ring size in advance or sneakily find it out.

Bracelets are usually universally sized, but some wrists are smaller or bigger than others. Earrings can be a great option as well, but make sure that whoever you’re buying the gift for has pierced ears.

It comes in all different colours and metals, so you can match the gift of jewellery to the personality of the person you’re choosing the gift for.

Pick the Best of the Best

You can shop for your nature-themed jewellery without even having to leave your home.

Check Gemma J for unique nature-themed jewellery. You can choose from trees, shells, animals, and even galaxy-themed jewellery that’s out of this world.

You can’t go wrong when you choose to go with jewellery when shopping for a gift. Make sure that you’re not getting just any type of jewellery that’s cheap and going to break easily or turn you green. Do your research and get the best for your friends.