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Horses have captivated the hearts of humans with their beauty, grace, and indomitable spirit for centuries.

It’s no wonder that horse lovers find themselves irresistibly drawn to all things equine.

One way to express and celebrate this profound connection is by collecting and wearing horse themed jewellery.

There are so many different types of horse jewellery, ranging from jewellery of the horse itself to a simple horse shoe.

Here are some reasons why equestrians should consider wearing horse jewellery.

horseshoe necklace

5 Reasons Equestrian Jewellery is Perfect for Horse Lovers

Emotional connection

Horses and their owners often have an incredible connection.

Wearing horse jewellery can evoke positive emotions and a sense of connection to the equine world. Whether you have spent countless hours riding, caring for, or simply admiring these majestic creatures, equestrian jewellery allows you to express your emotional bond with them.

Wearing a piece of horse-inspired jewellery can act as a reminder of the special moments shared with horses, espeically when you choose an item such as our horse and rider pendant or our beaded equestrian bracelet.

Personal Expression

Horse jewellery allows individuals to express their unique personalities and style preferences. From subtle accents to statement pieces, there are many different types of equestrian jewellery that can reflect a person’s interests and preferences.

Some equestrians wear bracelets or necklaces that are made from real horse hair, possibly from a horse of theirs that has passed.

Others may wear necklaces or bracelets with the horse shape itself, or others may opt for a more subtle nod to the equestrian lifestyle, for example stirrups or a snaffle bit.

Horse jewellery has also become increasingly popular as a fashion statement. These elegant and intricate pieces can enhance your style and serve as eye-catching accessories.

The wide range of horse-themed jewellery available suits various tastes and preferences and is perfect for self expression. Incorporating horse-inspired pieces into your outfit can add a touch of uniqueness, sophistication, and personality, as well as feeling part of the equestrian world.

snaffle bit necklace

Conversation Starter

Equestrian jewellery can also serve as a conversation starter.

Other horse lovers or admirers may notice the jewellery and strike up a conversation, leading to the opportunity to share stories and connect with others who share the same passion.

Wearing horse jewellery can also foster a sense of community among horse lovers. When people wear equestrian jewellery, they are often seen as part of a group of individuals who share the same passion and love for horses.

Gifts or Keepsakes

Horse jewellery makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift for fellow horse lovers.

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion, giving someone a piece of horse-themed jewellery demonstrates your understanding and appreciation of their passion.

It becomes a cherished keepsake that can be passed down through generations, carrying the sentiment and love associated with horses. Horse jewellery can also be made using real horse hair, making it the perfect gift to remember a horse who has crossed the rainbow bridge.

You can support the Equine Community

By purchasing horse jewellery from reputable sources, you can contribute to support the equine community. Many jewellery designers and brands collaborate with equine charities and organizations, donating a portion of their proceeds to support horse rescue, rehabilitation, and advocacy efforts.

When you wear horse jewellery, you are indirectly contributing to the welfare and well-being of these incredible animals.

It’s a win-win situation!

dressage horse necklace

Equestrian Jewellery from Gemma J

Horse jewellery is the perfect gift for any equestrian, serving as a powerful expression of love, respect and admiration.

Jewellery allows horse lovers to fashionably carry a piece of their passion wherever they go.

Not only this, but horse themed jewellery has many other benefits, whether it is the ability to create connections among like minded individuals, or simply to act as a treasured keepsake of a much loved pet.

Want to see our collection of equestrian jewellery, then head over to our gallop collection where we have a varied choice to suit all wardrobes.

And if you have any questions, or want to know more, then get in touch with our team who would be glad to help.