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A jewellery gift is a perfect way to show someone in your life that you care about them.

It’s also a great way to strengthen a relationship (new or old). The more personal the gift, the more the person will see that you’ve put time and effort into getting something you think they’ll like.

But knowing when it’s a good time to give the gift can feel a little awkward so read on for some tips.

Consider Your Relationship

It doesn’t matter who you are buying the gift for as long as you are close with that person.

They can be a friend, colleague, family member, or a recent boyfriend/girlfriend. If you enjoy a great relationship with them then there’s unlikely to be an inappropriate time to get them a gift.

If your relationship is a bit more distant and you don’t know the person very well or spend time with them then it may come off as a bit strange. In these cases, you should only give them a gift if you’re certain they will understand why.

Jewellery can be a slightly intimate gift so definitely avoid giving it to people you just met.

The remainder of the article assumes you have a good relationship with whoever you are buying the gift for.

Jewellery Gifts for the Holidays

The easiest time to give someone you know a gift is the during a holiday.

For most people, the ideal time is Christmas or New Years. Of course, different faiths and cultures have their own special times throughout the year which are equally as good a time to give your gift.

Special Occasions

Maybe your friend is getting married and their dog is going to be the ring bearer. Or they could be expecting a baby or celebrating a promotion.

These moments can be the perfect opportunity to give jewellery as a gift to show how happy you are for them.

If the person is a dachshund lover and has a dog of their own then there is an even more perfect time.

Find Out Their Dogs Birthday

It’s normal for some people to buy small gifts and treats for a loved one’s pet when it’s the pet’s birthday. But no one would expect a gift for themselves.

Finding out the birthday is a great way to surprise and delight your friend with a cute dachshund-themed piece of jewellery.

While holidays are more traditional, gifts are usually expected around this time. That’s why giving a gift outside can mean a lot more to someone because it shows you wanted to get them something simply because they’re important to you

Do What Feels Right

If you’re hesitant or unsure about giving the jewellery gift, there’s a good chance your gut instinct is trying to tell you something.

You should be excited to have found something personal that you know the person you’re giving it to will love. If you’re confident they will be happy with the gift and excited to wear it then it’s definitely worth it!

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