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Throughout human history, jewellery has served a powerful symbolic purpose. Whether to symbolize wealth and power, provide protection from evil, or make a powerful personal statement, jewellery’s purpose has always been more than decorative.

Of all of the most enduring symbols we choose to wear, perhaps none has become more iconic than the horseshoe icon. The horseshoe symbol has been used in fashion and jewelelry for millennia, serving a wide range of purposes.

If you’re considering purchasing some beautiful horseshoe jewellery of your own, there are a number of things it can symbolize. If you want to know more about the history and meaning of the horseshoe in jewellery design, read on to find out everything there is to learn.

Horseshoe Symbol: History & Meaning

The most important meaning behind various types of horseshoe jewellery is that it symbolizes protection. Back in Medieval Europe, horseshoes first became synonymous with protection from evil spirits.

This is because horseshoes were typically made of iron, a material that can withstand fire and thus withstand the elements of hell.

Before becoming widely used as jewellery, people who use seven nails to affix a horseshoe to the doorway of their home. The number seven, as you may know, is considered to be a lucky number.

Going even further back to the 9th century BC, the ancient Chaldean people of modern-day Iraq wore horseshoe earrings and pendants.

This is because they believed the U-shaped curve of the horseshoe symbol was reminiscent of the moon goddess, believed to bring good luck to those who bore her symbol.

In the modern era, the horseshoe is still synonymous with protection and good fortune around the world. Most people believe that horseshoe only brings good luck to the wearer.

Anyone who borrows or steals a piece of horseshoe jewellery will not benefit from the power of good fortune.

In addition, many cultures believe that a horseshoe should not be brand new, but rather already used on a horse for it to bring good luck. In some cultures, fishermen will still nail a horseshoe to the mast of their vessel in the hope that doing so will ensure calm and fruitful seas.

A horseshoe jewellery piece remains a hugely popular gift for certain life events where good fortune is needed.

It will often be given at a housewarming party, engagement, retirement, or graduation party, in the belief that the wearer will start this new chapter of their life on good footing.

How to Wear Your Horseshoe Jewellery

While there are many horseshoe meanings around the world, there is one that is universal.

It is widely believed that one must always wear or hang a horseshoe in a U shape, not the other way around. If the horseshoe is upside down, many believe that it will not work.

This means that it will not bring good luck or the protection that it promises. When shopping for horseshoe jewellery, always make sure the horseshoe can be worn in a U formation.

Getting Your Own Horseshoe Jewellery

If you wish to wear the horseshoe icon and attract good luck, there is no shortage of options. Make sure to browse our extensive collection of bespoke horseshoe jewellery to find a piece that best speaks to you.