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The verdict from the runways has arrived, with one standout trend of the Spring 2020 collections being the arrival of feather jewellery and accessories.

The runways of Paris and New York have been adorned with feathers of all colours, with Valentino, Burberry, Attico, and Richard Quinn all leaning into the feathery look like never before.

Any fashion fanatic knows that the January shows are the harbingers of the hottest fashion trends of the year ahead, which means that the feather symbol will be ubiquitous with style in 2020.

If you’re a keen follower of jewellery trends, you may be considering copping yourself some cutting-edge feather jewellery. If so, read on to find out the hottest pieces you should be on the lookout for in the year ahead.

1. Feather jewellery: The Silver Feather Pendant

There are few pieces that integrate the beauty of the feather more elegantly than a silver feather pendant. Real silver jewellery is always best worn around the neck.

When combined with the sleek, elegant curves of the feather, you have a high-fashion statement piece that will draw attention to your collar bones and complete a flawless, dramatic fashion look. The silver feather pendant is a fashion classic.

2. The Feather Bracelet

The runways so far this year have shown us that a little bit of Ancient Greece has made its way into modern fashion. Off-the-shoulder, toga-style blouses are back with a bang, as are the kind of feather bands and bracelets that are synonymous with Ancient Greek fashion.

Bracelets of this type work best in gold, especially if you’re looking to perfect the Ancient Greek style whilst adding a touch of disco glamour.

3. The Feather Earring

If fashion trends have taught us anything at all recently, it’s that large statement earrings are most definitely in. Fashion icons such as Bella Hadid, Karlie Kloss, and Lupita Nyong’o have all been spotted rocking dramatic feather earrings, with just one earring being the preferred mode of wear.

If you decide to buy yourself some real-feather earrings, then make sure to wear one in the ear that belongs to your ‘good side’ for photos. You can give the other one to your bestie.

4. The Real-Feather Charm

If you’re keen on jewellery symbolism, a real-feather charm should be your cup of tea. Feather charms have a long historical pedigree, being used in Native American tribes and in East Asia to symbolize wealth, intelligence, and a connection with the spirit world.

Attaching a dramatic feather charm to your handbag or phone case in 2020 can be a way to let people know that you’re a fashion diva through and through.

5. Feather Pattern Rings

Finally, some feather pattern rings are another showstopper in 2020. Rather than opting for many rings on your fingers, the trend this year leaning towards a more sober, solemn approach. One or two rings is sufficient, and the design should lean more towards the austere and elegant. A feather pattern pulls this off nicely.

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