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From the health benefits to the joy of dog walking, there are so many reasons why Brits love their furry friends.

Man’s best friend shouldn’t only be by your side. Your pooch can feature around your neck, hanging from your ears and dangling from your wrist.

These new jewellery designs are perfect for any dog lover eager to express love for their hound. Check them out below!

1. Staffordshire Bull Terrier Charm

You are among the many lovers of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier?

This feisty fellow was actually voted Britain’s favourite dog breed this year. There were over 200 breeds competing for the title.

And yet, the Staffy won it in the end. If you own a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, or you wish you did, you could have your little doggy bring you luck.

This Staffordshire Bull Terrier charm makes the perfect gift for dog lovers. But, you could also treat yourself.

2. Dachshund Stud Earrings

You may think it would be pretty strange to have a couple of wieners hanging from your ears.

But, that’s exactly what you get with the Dachshund Studs. These little Wiener Dogs is delightful pets with plenty of personality and love to give.

But, these studs in the shape of Dachshunds are the perfect gift for the sausage dog lover in your life these holidays.

They also come in rose gold if you want to treat someone to a particularly happy holiday this season.

3. Collie Dog Pedant

Collie Dog can run all day long. Of course, they’ve been bred to herd sheep around the field.

But, this collie dog pedant isn’t much different. You’re able to wear this beautiful necklace wherever and whenever.

Going to work for a formal meeting, everyone will know where your heart really lies with his beautiful pedant.

Or, off on vacation with your family, even if you can’t take your real collie dog pet with you, he’ll be around your neck bringing you luck.

4. Paw Print Bracelet

Can’t choose your favourite furry friend breed?

You may love Golden Retrievers for their friendliness, Pugs for their cuteness and Collie dogs for their positive energy.

And yet, choosing a single type of man’s best friend simply won’t do. Don’t worry – you can express your love of dogs with this paw print bracelet.

Let others around you know that you’re a “dog person” with this awesome bracelet to hang around your wrist.

5. Paw Print Ring

Are you asking someone to be your bride or fiancee this winter? You can always ask them in the only language they understand – doggie paws.

Yes, this paw print ring ensures that you have the stamp of approval from your spouse’s best buddy.

This can either be worn by itself or with a bunch of other rings to give yourself even more bling on your fingers.

New Jewellery Designs

This winter, there are so many new jewellery designs for the dog lover in your life.

From paw print rings to collie charms, there are dozens of choices to bring joy to the dog lover’s life.

If you want to discover more of the Woof Collection, check out our website.