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Every equestrian lover knows the classic symbols of barn life – like horseshoes, riding boots, and, of course, different kinds of bits. These are familiar items that can easily be found when riding and can create a bit of nostalgia whenever you see them elsewhere.

You may come across such symbols in an ad for a summer escape in the English countryside or on television for events such as the Olympia Horse Show.

Or, you can choose to sport a classic equestrian piece of jewellery to express your love for this activity. Such jewellery ranges from lovely riding necklaces and horseshoe pendants to all kinds of snaffle bit jewellery.

Snaffle bits are a well-known piece of riding equipment. Not to mention, they make a beautiful design for accessories.

You just have to know how to find the right design for you.

Here is your ultimate shopping guide for this kind of jewellery.

What Kind of Jewellery Do You Need?

Before you start to look at all the snaffle bit jewellery available, consider what kind of jewellery you actually need. This will help narrow down your options as you shop.

If you already have a pair of go-to earrings you wear every day, maybe you should look at necklaces with snaffle bits instead.

In a similar manner, if you aren’t much of a necklace or a bracelet person, stick with shopping for earrings. Just make sure you switch out what you usually wear to flaunt your new equestrian fashion.

What’s Your Favorite Jewellery Colour?

No matter how big your jewellery collection already is, chances are, you have more of one colour of jewellery than others.

Do you prefer silver, gold, or rose gold pieces? What will match best with the items you already have?

Such questions are crucial to keep in mind while looking at snaffle bit jewellery options. They will help you picture how you’re going to wear your new jewellery with the accessories you already have.

Do You Prefer a Simple Design or Something Bold?

Speaking of matching different jewellery items, don’t forget to picture how designs with snaffle bits will match with your fashion style in general.

You may choose to pair a simple necklace with your favourite sundress or t-shirt. Or, you might want to get a sparkly bit bracelet to dress up with on the weekends.

Whatever you decide, make sure your new jewellery is something you will have plenty of opportunities to wear. As nice as it can be to have a few statement pieces in your collection, it’s even better to be able to express your personality and passions on a regular basis.

Snaffle Bit Jewellery: The Perfect Accessory for Any Outfit

Whatever kind of snaffle bit jewellery you end up buying, one thing is for sure. You honestly cannot go wrong!

Use this guide as a starting point while shopping. But, don’t be afraid to bend the rules a bit and get a fancy piece for yourself, or another new pair of earrings even if you already have plenty.

At the end of the day, the choice is up to you, and with such beautiful items to choose from, you are sure to find an excuse to wear your equestrian jewellery.

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