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There are many pieces of horse jewellery that can be found, and one of the most popular of all is the necklace.

For many years, a horse necklace has been worn by equestrians and country lovers alike as a fashion statement and to add a touch of their personality to their outfit.

Beyond their stunning aesthetic appeal, these necklaces hold many different powerful symbolic meanings.

The beauty and the meaning combined make a delightful item that is cherished by many.

But just what does this item of jewellery represent?

Well, here at Gemma J, we know the power a good item of jewellery can have, and that’s why we’ve written this blog on five key symbolic meanings of a horse necklace.

Let’s take a look.

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A Brief History of Horse Necklaces

Horse necklaces have a wide history that spans across the world.

Even in ancient civilisations such as Egypt, Greece, and Rome, the horse had huge symbolic value and was often associated with the sun god Ra.

The people loved horses, and this was shown through many mentions of the animal in mythology and art from the time.

This interest didn’t fade away, and even right up to  the 19th century, the growing fascination with equestrian sports led more people to want to wear a symbol of a horse around their neck.

Many people also used horsehair as a touching tribute to a lost horse or simply a sign of allegiance to them.

In the modern day, an equestrian necklace has become an absolute staple of county fashion and is worn by many people throughout the world.

Whether silver, gold, diamond-encrusted, and more, a horse necklace has always been a popular and meaningful item, and that shows no signs of ever-changing.

Why not learn more about the history of animal jewellery in our latest blog.

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5 Examples of Horse Necklace Symbolism

Power and Strength

When you think of a horse, you may think of a powerful and noble animal.

An animal that has been used for many different reasons throughout history due to its courage, resilience, and durability.

This symbol of strength is translated through a horse necklace, especially when you get one with a jumping horse pendant which shows a horse in all its glorious motion.

Wearing one of these necklaces can be a reminder to always embrace your inner strength, and to make sure that any challenges you have in your life are always being faced head-on.

jumping horse pendant

Freedom and Independence

Horses are seen as independent and free-living creatures.

There is no better sight for an equestrian than to see a horse gleefully galloping around a field, and this sentiment is translated in horse necklaces.

A horse is a creature that loves to be able to run wild in its own space, and when you get a necklace adorned with our dressage pendant or our running pony pendant, this can transport you straight to the paddock where your horse is enjoying themselves.

Wearing a necklace with this meaning will liberate you and push you to pursue your own personal freedom.

If you want to break away from something that is holding you back, the image of the galloping horse is sure to spur you on.

pony pendant

Partnership and Camaraderie

Equestrians and horses form a great partnership.

Just like other common pets such as dogs, a huge bond is formed when you get to know a horse and care for it.

And this isn’t something new.

Right throughout history, people have stood with horses by their side, and this is shown in many different scenarios and civilisations.

A horse necklace is a great way to showcase the connection you have with your horse, and when you wear something with our horse and rider pendant, then you’re sure to feel the love.

Meaningful relationships are important in everyone’s life, and whether it is with our humans or the special animals we love and cherish, a horse necklace can help to remind you of this.

horse and rider pendant

Grace and Elegance

For anyone who has watched a horse effortlessly gliding over jumps, or slowly trotting around a field, you will have been blown away by the gracefulness and elegance on show.

Horses embody a sophisticated beauty throughout their movements and form.

A horse necklace can be a reminder of this, especially when you get something show jump themed such as our show jump pendant, boot and stirrup pendant, and sparkly bit necklace.

The elegance from the horse can be embodied onto yourself when you wear one of these necklaces, and you’re sure to be taken back to the horses and shows that made you fall in love with all things equestrian.

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Spirituality and Connectedness

Finally, many people feel connected to horses, and often see them as their spirit animal.

In some cultures, horses are even seen as sacred animals.

There are many positive connotations that are associated with horses, such as wisdom, intuition, and companionship.

If you feel that a horse is your spirit animal, or you feel bonded to these gracious creatures, then having a horse necklace is perfect for you to showcase this.

There are many ways you can do this, but opting for something simple yet recognisable such as a rose gold horseshoe necklace or a sparkly horseshoe necklace is ideal.

You could even get a 3D symbol of a horse with our Shetland pony pendant.

No matter which way you choose to honour your favourite animal, being able to wear an equestrian necklace around your neck is ideal for keeping you in touch with your spiritual side and always feeling inspired.

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Horse Necklaces from Gemma J

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