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Nothing tops off a great outfit quite like the right pieces of jewellery. But when your collection is starting to look more “last year” than not, it’s time for an upgrade.

And what luck! 2018 has some of the most gorgeous jewellery trends to shop for. The only trouble you’ll have is choosing which ones to bring home with you.

Let’s look at some of the best jewellery trends 2018 has to offer.

Load on the Rings

When it comes to rings in 2018, it’s the more the merrier! Don’t be afraid to load on as many as you like.

And be sure to pay special attention to the pinkie and middle fingers this year. Those are the “It” places to stack on the embellishments.

It’s all about showing your unique personality. So play it up loud with big, funky pieces. Or for a more subtle look, stack on layers of smaller rings.

No matter how you choose to express yourself, make sure your digits do the talking.

Statement Earrings

Statement hoops and long earrings are the top players in 2018. These latest jewellery trends are all about being bold and being seen.

The over-sized hoops trend can play out with about any colour and material you like. Just as long as the hoops are big, you can’t go wrong.

And the longer your earrings, the better. The shoulder-grazing, dangly trend is all about drama.

But when choosing a statement earring, go for materials that are lightweight. You don’t want to push the limit of what your earlobe can handle.

Floral Earrings

Who says flowers are only for Spring? Floral earrings are another jewellery trend sweeping 2018. And it’s sure to set your look in full bloom.

Choose sculptural, bold floral motifs for a dramatic look. Or if you prefer to keep it classic and girly, simple flower studs will do the trick.

Layered Necklaces

For 2018, forget having to choose between your favourite necklaces. Instead, wear them all!

Layering necklaces effortlessly walk the line between classic and elegant to edgy and sophisticated. It’s a style that goes with about anything in your closet and is the perfect finishing touch.

The key here is not to worry about following any “rules”. Layer the pieces that you want in the way you want. It’s all about making the look as unique as you are.

Pearls, Pearls, Pearls

While it’s true, pearls are about as classic and timeless as it gets. But when it comes to hot jewellery trends in 2018, pearls become so much more than that.

Gone are the days of wearing a single pearl strand around your neck. These days, there’s no limit on where or how much you wear your pearls.

Decorate your ears, fingers, neck, and wrists, either in pairs or all at once. And don’t be afraid to mix your pearls for a look that’s all your own.

Because that’s the point, making a statement that says something about you. Coco Chanel would whole-heartedly approve.

These Jewellery Trends Will Bring New Life to Your Collection

Jewellery trends for 2018 are all about you and being true to your personality. Have fun with it and let all your uniqueness come shining through.

To find jewellery pieces to reflect you and your interests, shop our collections today!