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Did you know that 60% of Brits would love to live in the countryside, but only 14% actually do?

Is it the wildlife, the dense forests or the rural landscape? Is it the quiet country roads or charming cottages? Whatever it is, Brits love the countryside!

If you need to buy a gift for a countryside lover, use country-inspired jewellery to capture their unique personality. But how can you choose the best gifts for animal lovers?

Read on for a quick guide on how to choose country jewellery.

Finding the Best Country Jewellery

Finding country jewellery for your nature-loving friends is easy peasy. All you have to do is follow these 5 simple steps.

Are you ready? Let’s get back to nature!

Step 1 – Find Jewellery They Will Love

When finding gifts for animal lovers, you need to know specifically which things in nature they love. Because if you buy a dog pendant for a horse lover or vice versa, you’ll miss the mark.

Some unique jewellery themes for nature lovers include:

  • Acorns and Trees
  • Hare
  • Stag
  • Highland Cow
  • Pheasant
  • Birds and Bees
  • Fox
  • Flowers and plants

Find out what’s their favourite, and you can choose the perfect gift accordingly.

Step 2 – Style Match

Make sure to choose jewellery that matches their personal style. For instance, if the person’s reserved, choose something delicate. But if they’re daring, opt for a statement piece.

If the gift matches their personal style, they are more likely to love it (and wear it).

Step 3 – Skin Tone

As well as trying to match their personal style, make sure it complements their skin tone. Because even the most unique jewellery gifts should look good on the wearer.

First, find out the undertone of their skin, then choose something that will look great on them.

Light metals generally look good on people will cool skin tones, such as white gold, silver or platinum. Whereas yellow gold, copper and rose gold suit warmer skin tones. If the wearer has a neutral skin tone, they’ll look good in most colours.

Step 4 – Occasion Matters

Whether you’re deciding on jewellery gifts for girlfriend or a jewellery gift for wife, the occasion can help you to decide.

Occasion fine jewellery is a great choice for a special event, such as an anniversary or valentines gift. A jewellery gift on a romantic occasion should reflect the love you have as a couple. Whereas a birthday gift may be more general and personal to them.

Step 5 – Sentimental Value

The best kinds of gifts are the ones that mean something to the receiver.

For example, jewellery in memory of a beloved pet that died. Or jewellery that captures an amazing memory you have together.

Or choose a jewellery piece in remembrance of where they grew up. For instance, if they had an amazing acorn tree at the bottom of their garden. A unique acorn necklace or bracelet would bring back many happy childhood memories.

The Best Gifts for Animal Lovers

It’s clear to see that country jewellery is the best gift for animal lovers. Choosing a unique jewellery piece that captures their love for nature will be an unforgettable present.

But if you’re still not sure which piece will capture their heart, check out our country collection for some inspiration.