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The average teacher works nearly 11 hours a day, with some working closer to 16 hour days.

We all know that teachers are wildly unappreciated. They’re generally underpaid for performing difficult work: mentoring and teaching the next generation.

Grants and events like teacher appreciation week aim to help teachers feel recognized for their hard work. However, you don’t need a set date to thank the educators in your child’s life.

Keep reading for 5 unique teacher gift ideas.

5 Unique Teacher Gift Ideas

A great way to start acquiring gift ideas is to provide the teacher with a “Getting to Know You” survey. Teachers often use these to get to know their students, but they’re also a great way for you to get to know teachers. This method will allow you to truly personalize a gift for your child’s educator.

Keep reading for 5 gift ideas that are sure to show a teacher they are appreciated.

1. Anything Made by the Student

Handmade cards, crafts, and gifts directly from the student are sure to warm a teacher’s heart. There’s no better way for a teacher to feel appreciated than when it comes directly from the students they teach.

2. Your Time

As mentioned earlier, teachers work a lot. They are pressed for time when it comes to certain tasks, and volunteering your time to help them goes a long way.

Volunteering your time may include:

  • Helping during recess
  • Making phone calls to other parents about upcoming events or trips
  • Making copies, or organizing supplies/the classroom library
  • Cleaning the classroom
  • Helping during field trips or classes

3. Classroom Supplies

All teachers can use your help gathering additional supplies for the classroom. Whether the supplies are crayons or computers, there’s a wide price range of items you can help acquire.

Classroom supplies don’t have to be limited to conventional items, either. You can also contribute board games, books, outdoor supplies, or even sunblock. All of your donations will be greatly appreciated.

4. Personalized Gifts

“World’s Best Teacher” mugs are officially out. By now, teachers all over the country are screaming that they have enough mugs.

It’s easy to see how a mug would be appreciated, but it’s also too easy. A personalized gift based on the teacher’s interests is a thoughtful way to thank them. If you know the teacher has mentioned wanting to go skydiving, you can get them tandem skydiving reservations. If a teacher loves horses or is involved in equestrian sports, you can get them equestrian jewelry.

5. Gift Cards

Gift cards are great gifts because they can either be personalized or generic. They can range from a gift card to the spa to a Visa prepaid gift card. You can choose your level of comfort based on how well you know the teacher, but gift cards are sure to be well-received.

If you find yourself unable to go shopping for school supplies to contribute, a gift card can also go a long way in helping a teacher gather classroom essentials.

Final Thoughts

We all like to be appreciated, and teachers are no exception.

We hope these 5 teacher gift ideas inspired you to show a greater appreciation for all the hard work teachers do.

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