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Let’s face it–sometimes we just don’t “get” celebrity fashion.

Trends in fashion and jewellery come and go, but some are timeless. One such trend is animal themed jewellery. It’s something women of all ages and backgrounds can easily agree on.

In addition to jewellery designs featuring horses, dogs, and other popular animals, we’re seeing a lot of bee jewellery this year.

What’s the story with bee jewellery? And who’s been spotted wearing it? Read on to find out!

Bee Symbolism

More than just being cute flying creatures, bees are a vital part of earth’s ecosystem.

In fact, dozens of your favourite foods, including blueberries, apples, and cherries, would disappear if bees ever went extinct! This is because of the bee’s vital role in pollinating different plants and flowers.

Because of their busy habits, bees are associated with productivity and balance. They know how to work hard, but they also take time to stop and smell the roses–literally.

Those who look to bees as their spirit or totem animal can expect to gain balance and purpose in their lives. Bees are incredible builders, team players, and miracle workers.

Whether you’re looking for a spirit animal or you just love the way they look, you can showcase your admiration for bees through bee jewellery. Here are four celebrities who got it right.

1. Jo Whiley

Presenter Jo Whiley was recently spotted wearing a traditional gold bumblebee necklace on Never Mind the Buzzcocks. We loved the simplicity of the pendant and the delicate gold chain that accompanied it.

Want to copy her classic look? Get your own sparkly bee pendant here.

2. Beyonce

Was she doing a play on her own name, or was she just displaying her love for the humble bumblebee?

Either way, Beyonce hit a fashion home run with her sensational gold honeycomb ring. The unique piece featured the unmistakable shape of a honeycomb being visited by a black and gold bee.

Channel your inner Beyonce with our version of a beautiful bee ring.

3. Gemma Arterton

Actress Gemma Arterton made a splash at the premiere of Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters in a stunning golden headband.

What made this headband so unique? Its delicate filigree was adorned with bumblebee designs!

It provided a lovely contrast to her dark hair, but we imagine this headband would look gorgeous no matter what your hair colour.

4. Freida Pinto

Gemma Arterton isn’t the only actress donning bee jewellery in her hair.

At the recent Cannes Film Festival, Fredia Pinto arrived with two dazzling bee brooches pinned near the nape of her neck. The brooches featured a dazzling display of gold and precious stones.

Why secure your hair with boring old bobby pins when you could use bee brooches instead?

The Best Bee Jewellery (and More)

Whether you love bees, horses, dogs, or all animals, there’s no better way to show it than through beautiful nature-inspired jewellery.

We invite you to browse our collection of countryside themed jewellery today to find the piece that’s perfect for you.