Snowflake Studs


When the world outside is a canvas of frosty whites and cool blues, it’s time to infuse a little sparkle into our lives, and what better way than with a pair of dazzling earrings?


At Gemma J, we believe that the right earrings can turn the winter blues into a spectrum of silver and gold, a personal snowflake that glistens with every turn of the head. So, let’s dive into a treasure trove of winter-inspired earrings that promise to bring a twinkle to your eye and warmth to your heart.


The Whisper of Winter Winds


As the crisp winter wind dances through bare branches, it whispers secrets of dormant beauty waiting to burst forth. Our acorn leaf earrings are a homage to this hidden splendour. Crafted to mimic the delicate form of winter twigs, these earrings are a subtle nod to nature’s resilience. They’re perfect for those who listen closely to the earth’s quiet song during the colder months.


acorn leaf earrings


Frosty Mornings and Icy Delights


There’s something magical about stepping out on a frosty morning, where every surface sparkles under a blanket of frost. Our Gold Floating Bubble Earrings capture this enchantment. With their delicate circles of gold, they resemble tiny frozen bubbles caught in a moment, a piece of winter’s magic frozen for eternity.


Gold Floating Bubble earrings


Celestial Celebrations


On the longest nights of the year, we look up to find the stars playing their silent melodies across the sky. The sunshine studs from Gemma J are a tribute to these celestial celebrations. Wear them as a reminder that you carry the beauty of the night sky with you, no matter where you go.


Sunshine Studs


Glistening Snowflakes


Each snowflake is a unique work of art, a delicate pattern that exists for a fleeting moment before melting away. Our Sparkly Snowflake Earrings are your chance to hold onto that fleeting beauty. Adorned with sparkling gems, they catch the light in a way that’s as mesmerizing as sunlight on fresh snow.


Snowflake Stud Earrings


The Warmth of a Winter Hug


In the heart of winter, we seek warmth in soft sweaters, hot drinks, and the company of loved ones. The Rose Gold Acorn Hoops are like a cosy hug for your ears. Their rich hue and smooth curves bring a sense of comfort and joy that’s much needed on chilly days.


acorn hoop earrings


The Dance of the Northern Lights


For those who dream of witnessing the aurora borealis, our rose gold sparkle studs are a wish granted. With dazzling lights that shift and play like the actual northern lights, these earrings are a spectacle of wonder, a personal light show to accompany you to every holiday party.


Rose Gold Sparkle Stud


The Robin’s Song


No winter scene is complete without the cheerful red of a robin’s breast. The Silver Robin Stud Earrings are a piece of this joyous picture. Small but striking, they’re a reminder that even the coldest days are filled with life and song.


Robin Studs


The Elegance of Bare Branches


There’s an understated elegance to the silhouette of trees against a winter sky. The fern lead studs capture this graphic beauty. They’re a statement piece for those who find poetry in the stark lines of winter.


fern leaf studs


The Festive Cheer of Holly Berries


Bright berries are like nature’s own festive decoration. The strawberry stud earrings bring this cheer to your wardrobe. Wear them to carry the spirit of the holidays with you, a pop of colour to brighten the greyest days.


strawberry stud earrings


Winter Earrings from Gemma J

At Gemma J, we craft each piece believing that jewellery is more than an accessory—a work of art, a story fragment, a spark of joy.


As you wrap up against the cold, let our earrings be the finishing touch that brings warmth and light to your winter days. So go ahead, choose your favourite, and let your ears sparkle with the season’s joy.


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