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rose gold ended charm bangle

Are you interested in rose gold jewelry?

You’re not alone! The return of rose gold has been on the rise since about 2014 when everything from jewelry to candlesticks, flatware, and even cell phones started coming in this classic shade.

The good news is, it’s still on trend and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Read on to learn more about what it is exactly and why you need it.

What Is Rose Gold Jewelry?

Rose gold has been around since the 1800s and was first created in Russia when the famous jeweler, Carl Fabergé, began experimenting with mixing gold and copper together to form one metal.

This is the same man who created the Fabergé Eggs and many of them were made in this innovated pink hue. It quickly caught on throughout Europe and soon high-end jewelers like Tiffany and Cartier were making rose gold pieces.

Various grades of rose gold can be created depending on what ratios of materials are put into the mix. Rose gold is primarily made of yellow and copper as mentioned above, but this is likely to get you a deeper pink that you see in most cases.

For this reason, a little bit of silver is often mixed in to brighten and soften the color a bit the same way you would add white to red paint in order to make pink.

Why It’s so Popular

Rose gold is having a moment right now because it compliments a neutral color palette in wardrobe which has become increasingly more in style. You may notice fashion bloggers wearing monochromatic or neutral colored outfits and mixing tonal hues.

Rose gold jewelry gives the perfect yet neutral pop and goes nicely with this aesthetic.

Rose gold is also a little rarer and unique than yellow or white gold yet the price is fairly comparable. Many women have opted for rose gold wedding bands or engagement ring settings in order to make their ring feel like a one-of-a-kind.

Even though it’s trendy, you won’t see it on everyone around you so there’s something about it that still feels really special.

Why You Need It

Rose gold has been around for quite some time so investing some pieces is a safe bet. The style will stick around and you’ll still get a piece that is worth just as much as any other color gold on the market.

Rose gold signifies luxury and it’s super romantic. It’s a soft and subtle color that can get the same point across as yellow gold but is a little less jarring.

Because rose gold is a mix of several elements, you can also mix it with other metals. It goes well with both yellow gold or white gold since it falls somewhere in the middle in terms of the color palette.

Get Your Rose Gold Today!

Now that you understand what rose gold jewelry is and why you need it, you can start adding a few pieces to your collection right away.

This glamorous trend is here to stay and can be mixed and matched with so many other pieces and it goes with any outfit.

Check out the rest of our blog today for more jewelry tips and be sure to browse our rose gold pieces!