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In the vote for Britain’s favourite bird guess who came top? yes, the Robin!

Robins are often associated with the coming of Spring as they burst into song when the days get warmer, they can symbolise a fresh beginning full of colour, renewals, and the hope of better times.

Many people choose to wear robin jewellery, and there are plenty of available options out there.

But why is this small bird so loved? And why is robin jewellery so popular?

Let’s take a look.

The UK’s Love for Robins

Robins are universally loved right across the UK.

There aren’t many birds that have the same effect as when you see the first robin of the year. It’s a sign Christmas is on the way and exciting times are ahead.

And that’s not the only reason these birds are so popular. They are also really distinctive which helps picking them out in a crowd. With their iconic red breast and brown-grey feathers, even for people not interested in birds, they know exactly what a robin looks like.

They also have a beautiful and melodious song which many people enjoy throughout the year. Over the years, this song has picked up symbolism of new beginnings and hope which causes many people to listen out and enjoy the lovely sounds.

There are many reasons people love robins, but the final one we will mention in this blog is their fearless and curious nature. Robins are often seen happily hopping across a garden and people enjoy seeing them explore their surroundings.

Why We Adore Robin Jewellery

Just as we love the robin, we also love robin-themed jewellery.

Some key reasons for this are:

  • Symbolism – As mentioned earlier, many people see robin jewellery to be associated with new beginnings, renewal, and growth. Wearing robin jewellery could be seen to express these sentiments, which is why it is such a popular option.


  • Personal Connections – Robins may hold a special meaning for some people, which is why they choose to wear robin jewellery. They may have memories of a robin in their garden from their childhood, or associate it with a loved one. Wearing the jewellery can help them feel connected to these sentiments and help them carry them around with them.


  • They Look Great – Another reason people love robin jewellery is because they look great. They are a great way of adding a splash of colour to any outfit and make a delightful little emblem that goes with any outfit you choose.

Our Robin Jewellery

The Robin Charm

robin charm

Colour is certainly one of a Robins stand out feature with his vibrant red breast. This red breast was created in rose gold on our first piece of Robin jewellery, the Robin charm, more than 10 years ago now.

Many people believe that the Robin holds a spirit of a passed away loved one, hence the well-known phrase ‘Robins appear when loved ones are near’. Robins will often frequent and feel comfortable in one garden and be a very regular visitor, sitting perched on tables and chairs or garden trees and shrubs.

Robin Earrings

robin hoops


If you do feel that the Robin is a symbol of your passed away loved one it can come of great comfort to wear some pretty Robin jewellery. Robin earrings include the Robin Hoops which feature a little Robin charm hanging from them, or the Robin studs which are popular as an everyday easy to wear earring.

Robin Necklaces

robin necklace

Maybe you would prefer a very nature themed piece of jewellery?

The Robin On Branch necklace has the bird sitting majestically perched on the branch of a tree. Like all our necklaces this comes with an adjustable chain which fits most sizes and is silver with touches of rose gold.

The Robin Pendant hangs freely on a chain and is solid weighty silver with the breast in rose gold.

Robin Bracelet

robin bracelet

The Robin collection is completed with a beaded bracelet and a hanging Robin charm.

Christmas Robins

The Robin is often associated with Christmas and the tradition of a Robin featured Christmas card started back in Victorian times. It could be that Robins with their bright red breasts look so beautiful against the snowy background, or that they are the most frequent visitors to our gardens during the winter months.

Either way , we all love a Robin and they are certainly not just for Christmas!

Robin Jewellery from Gemma J

We love all things robin here at Gemma J.

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