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Estimating the Ring Size

It is important to measure your finger size when you are at your normal size and weight, and temperature conditions

are average. ie, do not measure your ring size after a hot bath or on a very frosty day when your hands are cold.

To estimate your ring size :-

  1. Wrap a piece of string or strip of paper around your finger so that it is an accurate representation of the ring

size you need. Mark where the two ends meet to form a complete circle – making sure that you mark it accurately  –

We recommend you use a piece of string which does not stretch and is cut to the ring size you want.

  1. Take this piece of string or strip of paper and lay if out on a flat surface so that you can measure the

length of the material from step 1.Make sure you measure to the nearest millimeter (mm). This is the circumference of the ring.

  1. Finally, use the table below to convert the length in mm into a UK ring size.