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Silky Snaffle Bracelet Black

Horseback riding isn’t just a sport; it’s a lifestyle.

For equestrians, the connection between horse and rider goes beyond the arena. It’s a passion that transcends the saddle and seeps into every aspect of life, including personal style.

If you’re an equestrian enthusiast, you know that showcasing your love for horses isn’t limited to the stables. One exciting way to express your equestrian spirit is by coordinating your jewellery with your riding discipline.

In this guide from the team at Gemma J, we’ll explore how to match your equestrian jewellery with different riding disciplines, featuring stunning pieces from our collection to complement each style.

Dressage: The Art of Elegance

Dressage, often called “horse ballet,” is about precision, grace, and artistry. Riders in this discipline are known for their impeccable attire and poised posture. To match the elegance of dressage, consider jewellery that exudes sophistication.

Silver Dressage Horse Pendant – £56.00 – £59.00

Our Silver Dressage Horse Pendant is a perfect choice for dressage enthusiasts. Featuring a graceful dressage horse in motion, this solid silver pendant captures the essence of this discipline. Its 20mm x 15mm size makes it an ideal accessory to showcase your love for the art of dressage.

To complete the look, pair it with a classic silver chain that complements the pendant’s elegance, such as our Silver Snake Chain or Silver Box Chain.

Sparkly Bit Necklace – £48.00

Sparkly Bit Necklace

Our Sparkly Bit Necklace is an excellent option for a subtle touch of equestrian charm. Its snaffle bit design pays homage to the precision and communication between horse and rider in dressage. The necklace’s simplicity and sparkle make it a versatile piece that pairs beautifully with dressage attire.

Show Jumping: Thrills in the Air

Show jumping is about agility, speed, and clearing those towering obstacles. Riders in this discipline often favour a sporty and dynamic look. Opt for jewellery that reflects your adventurous spirit to match the energy of show jumping.

Jumping Horse Pendant – £52.00 – £56.00

Jumping Horse Pendant

Our Jumping Horse Pendant captures the thrill of jumping in mid-air with a horse and rider. It’s a spirited representation of this discipline’s excitement. The pendant’s size (35mm x 14mm) ensures it stands out, making it a perfect centrepiece for your show jumping ensemble.

Pair it with an adjustable chain to ensure it sits perfectly on your neckline while you conquer those jumps.

Snaffle Drop Earrings – £68.00

snaffle drop earrings

For a touch of elegance that doesn’t compromise on sporty style, consider our Snaffle Drop Earrings. With their snaffle bit design and long drop, they add a dynamic element to your look. These earrings are a fantastic choice for show jumpers who want to infuse a bit of equestrian flair into their attire.

Western Riding: Embracing the Cowboy Spirit

Western riding embodies the rugged spirit of the American frontier. Riders in this discipline often don cowboy hats, boots, and timeless Western attire. To complement this classic look, choose jewellery with a rustic charm.

Rose Gold Horseshoe Necklace – £62.00

Our Rose Gold Horseshoe Necklace adds a touch of Western elegance to your ensemble. The horseshoe, symbolizing luck and protection, is a staple in Western culture. This pendant, which is 12mm x 10mm and is adorned with a sparkling diamond, combines style with tradition.

Pair it with a leather cord or a simple rose gold chain to complete the Western-inspired look.

Boot And Stirrup Pendant – £56.00 – £60.00

Boot And Stirrup pendant

No western-themed outfit is complete without cowboy boots and stirrups. Our Boot And Stirrup Pendant captures this iconic image with a touch of elegance. Decorated with sparkly zirconia stones, it showcases the fusion of tradition and glamour.

Choose an adjustable chain for versatility, allowing you to wear it at the perfect length for your Western-inspired attire.

Trail Riding: Embracing Nature

Trail riders appreciate the freedom and connection to nature that horseback riding provides. Their attire is often practical and comfortable, designed for long hours in the great outdoors. When selecting jewellery for trail riding, prioritize comfort and functionality.

Beaded Equestrian Bracelet – £76.00

Our Beaded Equestrian Bracelet is an excellent choice for trail riders. Comfortable and adjustable in length (18-20cm), it ensures a secure fit during your adventures. The faceted beads catch the light, adding a touch of sparkle to your wrist without hindering your movement.

Pair it with other bracelets or a simple necklace to complete your trail-riding look.

Rose Gold Horseshoe Necklace – £73 – £80

rose gold sparkly horseshoe necklace

The Mini Horseshoe Necklace is a subtle yet meaningful addition to your trail riding attire. Its petite size and minimalist design make it comfortable to wear during long rides. The horseshoe symbolizes good luck, which is always welcome on the trail.

Choose a cord or chain that suits your comfort preferences for a hassle-free trail experience.

Gemma J’s Gallop Collection

In conclusion, your choice of equestrian jewellery can enhance your riding experience and express your passion for horses and your chosen discipline.

Whether you’re a dressage enthusiast, a show jumper, a western rider, or a trail rider, there are jewellery pieces in our Gallop collection that will perfectly complement your riding style.

Embrace the connection between horse and rider not only through your riding skills but also through your impeccable equestrian fashion sense.

So, ride in style, express your equestrian spirit, and let your jewellery do the talking as you pursue your equestrian dreams.

If you want to know more, then get in touch with our team today.