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The United Kingdom’s jewellery industry exceeded £13.9 billion in 2018. Our latest jewellery design combines the simplicity of country life with elegant charms and the results are spectacular.

People in the UK have been buying more jewellery in recent years. As the jewellery’s popularity grows, more people are looking for fine jewellery designers who truly understand consumers’ preferences.

Our Country Collection reflects how well we understand these simple desires. Sometimes, all you need is to breathe fresh air and spend quality time with nature.

Here’s what you can expect from the Country Collection:

Unique and Modern Designs

Here at Gemma J, we believe in creating high-quality jewellery with a unique flair. You’ll never find another unique jewellery designer that offers the quality of our designs at such affordable prices. This includes pieces with modern jewellery designs such as the Strawberry Box Pendant.

The Strawberry Box Pendant is coated in rose gold with silver pip details. The pendant also opens so you can put a treasure inside of it. Plus, when you order this pendant, you get a Sterling silver chain that comes in 2 adjustable lengths for more flexible sizing.

Despite the country theme, a good number of our designs will still surprise you. For instance, our rose gold pineapple and Pineapple Box pendants are produce-themed, but they’re still creative.

Great For Animal Lovers

Most artisan jewellery designers don’t cater to the country-loving crowd. That’s part of what makes the Country Collection remarkable: We took all of your favourite animals from the countryside and created jewellery representations of them.

In this collection, you’ll find pendants that resemble farm animals such as cows, chickens, horses, and others. But there are also pendants of animals you’d spot in the wild: robins, foxes, pheasants, deer, and more.

Still, we didn’t forget your classic favourites such as cats and dogs. If you don’t know which animal pieces to choose, learn more about animal symbols at the aforementioned link.

Express Your Love For Nature

One of the best things about the countryside is being closer to nature. That’s why the top jewellery pieces in this collection also incorporate natural symbolism into their designs.

You’ll love our rose gold apple earrings and flower pendants. There are also pieces that feature acorns, feathers, snowflakes, and other things you find in nature or on a farm. This includes insects like dragonflies and bees.

(By the way, acorns symbolize prosperity and good luck. That’s why acorn jewellery pieces make perfect gifts for loved ones.)

Our Latest Jewellery Design Will Make You Smile

According to a recent poll of women from the UK, 70% of respondents chose to wear the same pieces of jewellery every day. The pieces from our latest jewellery design collection are stylish yet humble, so you’ll want to wear them with every outfit.

This same survey revealed that 1 in 5 UK women consider buying jewellery to be their “favourite affordable luxury.” Considering the high quality of our pieces, we’re definitely one of the most affordable jewellery designers on the market.

It’s your turn to own jewellery that’s worth flaunting—check out our Country Collection and see what you like. You’ll be surprised by how well our pieces will reflect your personality and fashion sense.