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It is no secret that millions of people are dog lovers. Big dogs, little dogs, yappy to quiet; every single one of them is lovable and genuinely solidifies the meaning of what “a man’s best friend” is all about. In fact, the relationship and loyalty connections are so strong that places like Gemma J have an entire dog lover jewelry Woof Collection to deliver meaningful dog related gifts and dog charms so you can showcase your passion to the world in style.


Now, do you want to hear something pretty incredible? This attachment between humans and canines goes back for as long as history can tell. These two species have been together since the dawn of time, growing side by side through the years, which established an evolutionary bond unlike any other.


Evolutionary Love Between Dogs and Humans


It is theorized that humans today evolved from a common ancestor, the modern-day great apes. Around this same time, small foxes began to grow larger with climate changes, allowing them to hunt better. This transition established the “Canis” species about a million years ago, which eventually evolved into what we know and love today.


Fun Fact: Despite popular belief, dogs were more likely to have evolved alongside wolves, not from them.


You might be wondering where this is heading, but the key indicator here is that humans and dogs evolved together, helping each other survive since the very beginning. It is thought that dogs back then would pick the bones from the animals that humans hunted, following them around as a means of survival. Sounds familiar to those begging table side dogs, right?


Not a One-Way Street


Sure, dogs used humans to obtain food, but it was not a one-way street. In return, dogs would keep humans safe (their food source) from other predators that could harm their providers. They would bark to alert humans and often attack to protect. This shows that both dogs and humans had each other’s wellbeing in mind right from the start. And you know what? That relationship never went away.


Dogs never judge, they love unconditionally, are completely loyal, and they love you as much as you love them, and it has been this way for as far as history can predict. Dogs and humans were designed to be best friends, and sometimes you just need to sit back and celebrate that.


Conclusion – It’s Time to Celebrate Your Pup


After discovering how deep the relationship between humans and dogs actually is, it’s time to celebrate that indispensable love, and a sure-fire way to do that is through getting dog lover jewelry. From spaniel gifts, pug gifts, dalmatian gifts, alsatian gifts, and much more, you can find it all at Gemma J, finally being able to let your authentic dog lover side show in the most luxurious way possible.


Remember, dogs are hardwired to support and stick by humans, and vice versa. And though this might be true, the connection you have with your own dog is something unique on its own, and that second to none admiration is worthy of being worn