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Do you love strolls through the countryside? What about the animals and plants that inhabit the rolling hills and pastures?

Or perhaps you grew up in the country but have since moved out of your small village to a busy city and you miss your connection to the sleepy country and the natural surroundings.

Whatever the case, you’re a nature lover. Showcase your love for nature and the countryside with country themed jewellery.

Here, we’re going over 5 country themed necklaces from our country collection that will do the trick!

1. Robin on a Branch Necklace

Robins are a favourite of our country collection: many of our most popular products in our country collection are robin themed!

This necklace option depicts a beautiful sterling silver robin perched on a branch with the beautiful red robin chest made of a rose gold accent. It also comes with an adjustable silver chain, so you can put this piece on right when you receive it!

2. Hare Charm

It’s hard to find something as quintessentially British as the hare. From the classic tale of Watership Down to the seemingly hundreds of them you find in your garden during spring, hares are a classic British countryside animal.

So why not show your love of the country through a hare charm? Our hare charm depicts a running hare that you could easily picture bounding across the fields and downs of the country. It’s made of solid sterling silver and can be easily fitted onto your favourite chain.

3. Acorn and Leaf

Let’s give you a non-animal option, shall we? Woodlands across the countryside are rich with acorns and proud oaks, which is why we have a few different options of acorn and oak leaf charms and pendants.

You could go for this sterling silver option or this rose gold option.

4. Fern Leaf Necklace

Like the strong oak trees, ferns are abundant in the countryside. This fern leaf necklace is dainty and gorgeous made of 14-karat yellow gold. This option comes with a matching adjustable gold chain to fit with any outfit or neckline.

5. Stag Antler Necklace

We saved one of our most unique country themed options for last.

This necklace shows a beautiful spread of the male deer’s antlers. The centre of the antlers is adorned with cubic zirconia stones while the antlers themselves are made of rose gold.

It comes with an adjustable silver chain as well.

Country Themed Necklaces to Show Off Your Passion for Nature

Each of these necklace options is unique and gorgeous while simultaneously showing off your love of the animals and natural phenomenon in the British countryside.

That being said, this list is far from comprehensive. We have an entire country collection filled with country themed necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and more!

Check out the full collection here along with our other collections including our popular “Woof collection” of dog-themed jewellery.