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There are many ways to show your love for horses, and having an equestrian bracelet is one way of displaying your love as part of your fashion. Unfortunately, many people have seen these bracelets become dirty or fade over time.

If you want to keep your bracelet and other jewellery in top shape, you’ll need to put some work into its care. If you have no idea where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few tips on how to keep your jewellery nice and clean year-round.

1. Careful With the Touch

The most unique part of nice, refined jewellery is just how pure the material is. In order to keep that material pure and looking its best, you’ll want to avoid the influence of outside materials or chemicals.

There are a few ways to avoid the exposure of outside influences on your jewellery. For starters, make sure to put your jewellery on last, even after makeup. Be sure to handle jewelry as little as possible. Many people tend to nervously grab onto their bracelets, but this can contribute to fading.

Try to avoid exposing your equestrian bracelet to water, which is often a terrible thing for jewellery. If it’s a rainy day or you’re going swimming, consider leaving your precious jewels at home.

2. Storage is Key

While many women tend to just keep their jewellery on their nightstand, attentive women will look to keeping their jewellery tucked away safely. Keeping your jewellery stored is not only a good cleanliness measure, it is also a smart safety measure to make sure you never lose your beloved equestrian bracelet.

Good storage is often defined by a lack of exposure to the outside world. Having airtight storage, which will also draw away moisture, will prevent both the fading and the oxidization of your jewellery.

3. Clean Gently

As with any piece of fragile clothing or good, gentle cleaning is a must for jewellery. Before you do any type of cleaning, make sure that the cleaning is 100% necessary.

When cleaning jewellery, look to have the right materials for the type of jewellery you own. For example, vinegar can be a great cleaning material for gold items. Silver jewelry, on the other hand, responds well to strategies that use aluminum foil in it.

When cleaning jewellery, use only soft brushes and very neutral ingredients. The more natural, the better. Try to find a style of cleaning that works for you, and master it, rather than using many different strategies.

Cleaning Your Equestrian Bracelet

Jewellery is a great complement to many different outfits, and clean jewellery will always stand out better and will feel better to wear. Be sure to keep your equestrian bracelet in top shape with the tips listed above.

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