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Do you want gift ideas for a country girl?

Find the perfect jewellery for countryside lovers. You need something that captures her free spirit, wild sense of wonder, and love of the natural world while staying true to her inner desire to feel pretty.

Jewellery for Countryside Lovers

As the holidays approach, panic starts to set in about finding the perfect gift for your loved ones. Read on to learn 5 ways to perfectly country inspired jewellery pieces.

1. Show Her She’s the Apple of Your Eye

Whether you’re gifting your daughter, mother, significant other, or friend, she will appreciate the sentiment of a rose gold apple charm and matching chain. Simple and sweet, but it packs in a big message. Rose gold apple studs will make the gift extra enticing!

Get a little creative and place the wrapped gifts into a weaved basket of farm fresh apples. She will eat it up!

2. Let Her Know She’s a Fox

Every woman wants to feel a little foxy every now and then. Gifting the countryside loving misses Mr. Fox earrings with the matching charm will make her even more wild about you.

Pair the jewellery set with some jeans that will make her feel like a total fox. You may want to also add a bottle of Fox Trot Red by Fox Run Winery to that gift bag for a little later.

3. Tell Her How Nuts You Are About Her

What better way to tell a country gal how nuts you are about her than to gift her country jewellery that says so? She will love acorn earrings with the matching bracelet, put together with the squirrel pendant to mix it up a bit.

To go the extra mile, pack a beautifully weaved basket with assorted nuts in the shell, a nice aged cheddar, a bottle of wine, and the beautiful jewellery. She will go nuts over your thoughtfulness!

4. Make Her Feel as Sweet as Honey

Add a little sweetness and a lot of sparkle into someone’s life with country jewellery! Give her a necklace holding a sparkly bee pendant and the matching bracelet and ring.

Place the wrapped jewellery into a clean and beautifully crafted honeypot to drive your point home. To sweeten the pot a little more, also give her a jar of local honey. It will leave her buzzing!

5. Put a Little Song in Her Heart

Birds are the country side’s songsters. You can choose from a variety of ways to offer up this gift.

The robin symbolizes luck and sewing new seeds, and it looks dainty against her skin. Buy her a robin on a branch necklace with a beaded robin bracelet and Robin earrings if it’s a new relationship.

The pheasant, on the other hand, symbolizes nurturing and motherhood. If she’s the mother of your children or even your own mum, she will adore the sentiment of a pheasant pendant with matching studs.

Add a tune to this gift by buying her a song on iTunes, or create a playlist, that says the words you cannot get quite right and offer her a dance once you adorn her in her country jewellery. You will most definitely make her heart sing.

Browse the Country Jewellery Collection

Impress you country girl with jewellery for countryside lovers and a dash of thoughtful creativity. If none of these ideas quite fit the countryside lover in your life, our collection offers many more pieces.

You cannot go wrong with a gift from the heart. Browse our Country Collection to find the perfect selection for her.