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Look out your window to the sky, the trees, the animals. Everything you see in nature has its own symbolism and have them present in your daily life can be a great way of reminding you of wishes and goals.

A good way of doing so is by wearing little tokens that are relevant to you.

Check our six jewellery pieces inspired by nature and pick yours!

1. Bee Charm

We’ve heard about how we need to save the bees. These little creatures work day after day and they play a huge role in the life of every other species. Yet, they don’t refrain from taking a break to smell the flowers around them.

This little Bee Charm is a reminder that there needs to be a balance between work and pleasure for you to be happy and healthy.

Size: 12mm x 13mm.

Material: Sterling silver.

2. Highland Cow Pendant

If you’re more of a necklace person, this Highland Cow Pendant is the perfect accessory for you. This animal is a reminder for you to stay positive. Just like they can adapt to harsh winter conditions, you can adapt to tough situations in your life!

Size: 15mm x 12mm.

Material: Solid silver with a coating of rose gold.

3. Pheasant Studs

Our Pheasant Studs are the ideal accessory if you’re looking for discrete but unique earrings.

Pheasants are a common bird species in the UK and they symbolise creativity, magic and passion. It’s not difficult to understand why once you see all the beautiful colours in this bird’s feathers!

Size: 11mm x 15mm.

Material: Sterling silver with 14ct rose gold vermeil and enamel.

4. Four-Leafed Clover Charm

We’ve all looked about three-leafed clovers, looking for that special one, the four-leafed clover we’ll save for the rest of our lives. Well, why not get a beautiful silver one to wear as a necklace, bracelet or keychain?

Size: 21mm x 13mm.

Material: Sterling silver with cubic zirconia.

5. Pearled Tulip Earrings

Tulips represent perfect love. Whether you wear these earrings as a symbol of self-love, of your feelings towards a loved one or simply of love in general, they’re certain to spread nothing but good energies.

Size: 27mm x 8mm.

Material: Sterling silver with mother of pearl.

6. Snowflake Pendant

Winter is approaching so why not get a seasonal accessory?

Besides being the perfect pendant to wear for Christmas, this snowflake piece represents rebirth and transformation. So if you’re looking for a fresh start, we’d say go for this beautiful pendant!

Size: 22mm x 14mm.

Material: Sterling silver with zirconia stones.

Can You Choose Just One of These Six Jewellery Pieces?

We’re not going to lie, we’d have a bit of a hard time doing so!

These accessories will make all your outfits look even better and if you’re currently revamping your wardrobe for the cold seasons, they should definitely be one of your new additions.

So why not treat yourself to one of our six jewellery pieces and show it off everywhere? Your friends will all be asking you where you got it!

Ready to check our collections? We have something for every style, so make sure to explore all our products.