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Someone call the fashion police.

We don’t want to report anyone, but we have questions to ask. Modern times are bringing about liberation from fashion rules that have held us down for way too long.

Rock the white pants after Labor Day, and wear silver and gold jewellery at the same time. It sounds scary, right? We’ve been conditioned to think these fashion choices are a major no-no.

However, you can rock it, and we will show you how. Make sure to keep reading to learn how to properly mix gold and silver jewellery.

Wrist Candy

One of the easiest and cutest ways to mix gold and silver jewellery is layering it on the wrist. You can get creative when using your watches, cute bracelets, and bangles.

If you want to rock the chic vibe in your daily errands, start with a trusted pair of ripped jeans. On top of those, put on a loose, button-down shirt. Roll the sleeves to a couple of inches below your elbow to highlight your wrist region.

Once you have all of this, go crazy with the wrist accessories. Throw on a gold watch and some silver pendant bracelets. The playfulness on the wrist will complement your simple yet stylish outfit.

Put a Ring on It

Mixing gold and silver rings is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the wild world of mixing jewellery.

Let’s say you want to go for the bohemian look for the evening. You have loose waves in your hair and a flowing maxi dress, complete with a new pair of strap sandals.

Keep the necklaces and earrings simple, but let loose on your hands. Stack a few gold rings, with some cute jewels, on one finger and simple silver ones on another.

Between the fun on your fingers and effortless outfit, you’ll be turning heads in every room.

Be Confident

The biggest tip for any fashion-related choice is having the confidence to rock it. If you’re mixing up the metals, own it with your outfit and attitude.

Switch up the wrist candy and wear 12 rings at once! It’s all up to how you approach it when getting dressed for the day. You can even layer the gold and silver jewellery by using fun necklaces if you’re feeling extra bold.

Don’t hesitate to own the room with what you’re wearing. Who doesn’t love a bold lipstick or statement cheetah print?

Having Fun with Gold and Silver Jewellery

Learning to have a good time with your fashion choices is one of the best choices you can make. If you’re looking to be more bold with what you wear, start by layering gold and silver jewellery.

Most of us have been told never to mix metal types, but that is old news. Have fun with layering rings all over your fingers or stacking tons of accessories on your wrist.

If you’re looking for a perfect gift for someone special or a self-love moment, make sure to check out our jewellery and all of our stunning collections.