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Silver is a valuable precious metal – in fact, it’s even seen as a good investment option. In April of 2011, it climbed as high as $47.94 per ounce.

Right now, silver sits around $15 per ounce. This low price makes it a smart time to buy. Silver jewelry is not only a beautiful gift but a wise one.

The only issue with purchasing designer silver bracelets is the potential for fraud. Thankfully, the internet provides many guides, like this one, to show you how to avoid scams.

To find out more about how to identify authentic silver jewelry, check out the guide below.

Do Your Due Diligence

Whether purchasing online or in person, there is some basic research you can do to avoid being scammed. The most important thing is to verify the reputation of the seller.

You can go online and conduct a simple search to find feedback and reviews about virtually any seller. While some customers may exaggerate, a large number of bad reviews is a red flag. Stick with sellers that have high ratings.

Check for Markings

Many pieces of silver jewelry are marked with an imprint or “hallmark” that will look like “.925” or “925.” This number indicates that the jewelry has at least 92.5% silver purity.

Jewelers like to put this on their pieces to let buyers know it’s real silver. Other markings may include “sterling silver,” “sterling,” or just “ster.” Of course, this indicator does not guarantee its authenticity, but when used with other tests it’s a good clue.

Examine Your Jewelry

Simply looking at, smelling, and feeling your silver jewelry can also help to determine its authenticity. Real silver has a distinctive appearance, weight, smell, and feel.

Tarnished jewelry is not an indicator of authenticity in itself, but the ability to buff the tarnish out is. Additionally, real silver should not have layers or color irregularities. If you have similar silver items to compare, you can conduct a weight comparison.

The smell of real silver should not be as distinct or unnatural. It should feel smooth and slightly soft, but sturdy.

Test Your Jewelry

Even if you aren’t a professional silversmith, you can conduct some easy tests to check for authenticity.

A magnet test will show whether your jewelry is attracted to magnets. If so, it’s not authentic.

A cloth test consists of rubbing the jewelry with a piece of cloth. Real silver will create a black mark as the silver oxidizes.

An ice test involves placing ice on top of the jewelry. Considering that silver has the highest thermal conductivity (thus its usefulness in electronics), it should melt quickly.

Find Designer Silver Bracelets

A designer silver bracelet is an attractive addition to any collection and one that will appreciate over time. Should the world economy ever collapse, you’ll be insulated with your valuable silver pieces as vital bartering items.

Make sure to do your due diligence before purchasing to avoid scams. If buying in person, you can check for the .925 imprint, do some basic tests, and examine its appearance, smell, and feel.

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