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All cultures, both past and present, believe that we can learn something from nature. And this is why many wild animals hold such revered status, even in today’s modern world.

One such animal is the fox and the plethora of rich symbolism this cunning creature represents.

Learn more about what fox jewellery symbolizes and what it says about those who wear it…

Understanding the Symbolism Behind Fox Jewellery

The idea of a having your very own spirit animal is steeped in history, often represented in many a tale throughout folklore across a myriad of cultures.

From Native American, Celtic, Chinese and Japanese folklore, the stealthy fox represents both one and many different things.

If you’re considering investing in a piece of fox jewellery for a close friend, relative, or yourself, here’s what it could represent:

1. The Cunning Fox

Across most cultures and throughout many a folklore tale, the fox is represented as being cunning, crafty, and perhaps a little devious. But aside from this, the fox is most revered for its spiritual presence and its intelligence.

In Native American culture, the fox sits close to the top of the Animal Totem pole. It’s revered as a guru, and the ultimate guide to lead a person down their destined path.

In fact, the northern tribe Native Americans observe the fox as a noble messenger.

2. The Resourceful Fox

In terms of actual scientific findings, the fox is, indeed, an extremely intelligent creature, but even more so resourceful.

The fox’s resourcefulness ranges from its hunting abilities, stealthy nature, strategic camouflage and ability to outwit any potential threats.

3. The Wise Fox

In Celtic folklore, the fox is revered for its unmatched wisdom and yet again, its intelligence. The Celtic’s view the fox as the ultimate guide within both the physical and spiritual world and it is greatly honoured for this wisdom.

4. The Protector From Evil

In Japanese folklore, the fox represents one of the rain spirits and is believed to be a messenger from the rice God, Inari. As a result, the fox is seen as a symbol of longevity, as a provider, and a protector from evil spirits.

On the other hand, Chinese folklore believes that the fox is a symbol of the afterlife. A regular sighting of a fox is believed to be a signal from the deceased, as someone trying to communicate with you.

5. The Adaptable Fox

Fox’s are well-known for the keen sense of awareness and incredibly fine-tuned senses. Fun fact: some foxes can hear a watch ticking from 40 yards away, so this just goes to show there’s no escaping their discerning demeanour.

As a spirit animal, the fox is believed to reveal its true talents during times of uncertainty and great change. With its heightened sense of awareness and attentiveness, the fox is incredibly adaptable.

In essence, the fox also represents mental responsiveness and is a great symbol of strength during times of change.

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