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Just how sly is a fox? If you asked photographer Michael Forsberg, he’d tell you that they were sneaky enough to keep a photographer on his toes for years.

And he’s speaking from personal experience. Forsberg visited the prairie lands several times over a three-year period to capture pictures of foxes and rarely shot any photos at all.

Sadly, you can’t just up and go to the prairie lands to see these majestic creatures like Forsberg. Fortunately, though, you’ve found a way to feed your jewelry addiction and love of foxes:

Fox jewelry (read: fine jewelry that’s shaped like cute little foxes).

But how can you incorporate this jewelry into your look without going over the top?

We’ve got a few tips for you:

Don’t Go Too Big

The past decade has often encouraged us to go big or go home. And that philosophy has spilled over into the fashion and fine jewelry industries.

Large, sparkly pieces and stones are in. Long, dangling earrings are all the rage.

But if you’re planning on wearing fox jewelry? You should avoid going big if possible.

The logic here is simple:

You don’t have to hold up an “I Love Foxes” sign to show everyone that you do, in fact, love foxes. People around you will still grasp your love of foxes if you take a more subtle approach.

So consider wearing a small, classy fox ring or some other elegant, fox fine jewelry. We’ll still get the message.

Oh, and here’s an added bonus: Cleaning your jewelry becomes a lot easier when it’s smaller.

Go the Way of the Charm Bracelet

Let’s say that you just can’t resist going all out with your jewelry.

Well, that’s fine if you’re into charm bracelets. Because subtlety isn’t a huge priority when you’re wearing a charm bracelet.

Charm bracelets are all about creativity and showcasing who you are. For this reason, few people would fault you for adding a super ostentatious fox charm to your bracelet.

Try Not to Make Your Arrangement Look Too Contrived

In the world of fashion, we’re often judged for our choices. If we wear the wrong colors during the spring, the fashion police question our fashion sense.

And if we’re considered too old or young for our clothing or jewelry, we’re accused of trying too hard.

But here’s the deal:

There does come a point at which our looks become too contrived. And it’s easy to fall into this trap with jewelry.

Especially themed jewelry.

The key to avoiding looking as if you put too much thought into your jewelry setups is authenticity. The best jewelry setups are the ones that we’re instinctively drawn to.

So if you have to think too long and hard about your fashion choices? Consider that you’re not being true to yourself.

And if you ever find that you’re not being true to yourself, just take a step back and think about how your jewelry speaks to you as a person.

Have an Obsession With Fox Jewelry?

Our hope is that these tips will help you wear your fox jewelry without feeling as if you’re going over the top. Wearing specially themed pieces can be tricky, but it’s doable if you don’t overthink it.

Interested in purchasing some fox-themed jewelry? Take a look at our fox-themed charms, pendants, and earrings to find a piece that speaks to you.