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Are you a proud dog parent? If so, then there’s a good chance that you love to show off your pup every chance you get. And when you’re not able to show your furry friend off to those around you, it’s essential to have another way of showing your love for dogs.

That’s where dog lovers jewellery comes into play. By owning and wearing dog lovers jewellery, you can help represent your favourite breed of dog in a subtle way. These jewellery pieces listed below are elegant, beautiful, and most of all, subtle.

1. Pug Studs

Do you have a happy pug living in your home? Did you have a pug as a child? If so, then you’re going to love owning a pair of pug stud earrings.

These pug earrings are made from sterling silver and have enamel markings on them that give them the character they deserve. After purchasing these creative earrings, don’t forget to pick out a pug pendant as well for wearing on your favourite necklace chain!

2. Dog Breed Pendants

Speaking of pendants, you can find pendants of all different dog breeds. Some examples include the border terrier, the boxer, the greyhound, and so much more. These pendants are the perfect way to show off your love for a specific breed of dog.

The material of the pendant depends on the type of dog breed pendant that you purchase. Some are made of solid silver, rose gold, and other materials. Pendants come with chain necklaces that are adjustable for your liking.

3. Paw Print Bracelet, Studs, Ring, and Necklace

If you have more than one breed of dog in your home, then it might be hard to select only one dog-breed pendant or stud to wear. You could buy multiple ones and switch them out from time to time. Another option that you have is to show off your love for pups by wearing paw print bracelets, studs, rings, or necklaces.

The paw print design allows you to let others know that you love your pups without having to wear the exact kind of pup on your jewellery.

4. Dog Bone Studs, Necklace, and Charm

Another option you have that’s similar to the paw print design is the dog bone design. You can find dog bone studs, necklaces, and charms. You’ll find these jewellery pieces in solid silver.

When purchasing one dog bone jewellery piece, you might be inclined to purchase other matching pieces to complete your look.

5. Dog Breed Charms

The last item on our list is the dog-breed charm. You can find charms in the form of all different dog breeds just as you would with the pendants. However, the charms are used for placing on a necklace that you already own, on a bracelet, or any other piece of jewellery that you’d like to rock a pup charm on.

Aside from the dog breeds, you can also find charms with paw prints designs on them as well.

These Dog Lovers Jewellery Items Are a Must-Have!

When wanting to show your love and support for your pup, try wearing these dog lovers jewellery items! All of these pieces listed above are the perfect way to let everyone know that you’re a true dog lover!

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