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They say dogs are a man’s – and woman’s – best friend and most lovers of these furry companions completely agree. Most owners feel as though their dogs are another member of the family. This makes them want to incorporate their canine pals in most areas of their lives.

You may be looking for a gift for someone special in your life who absolutely loves their pet and would appreciate a present that honours them. Check out these dog lover gifts for your significant other.

Dog-Shaped Pendant

These pendants make great dog lover gifts because you can personalize them so they will remind the recipient of the pooch they love. You can choose a pendant that resembles the dog based on the general breed,  such as Boxer or Jack Russell. It can easily attach to any necklace chain as a beautiful add-on and sentimental reminder of your dog.

Paw Print Items

Here’s another batch of dog lover gifts that will make any pet owner happy. Paw prints are one of the most common things that remind you of an animal. Finding the perfect paw printed items is a great idea for your significant other.

Look for bracelets, necklaces and charms that feature paws. This is a more general way to show love for dogs.

Dog Bone Charm

If you’re searching for dog lover gifts for someone who is fond of jewellery, they may already have certain pieces that you can help them add on to. In this case, a beautiful dog bone charm would be a lovely addition to a bracelet that they may be looking to fill up.

Check to see if the person has bracelets that are designed for collecting charms. Dog lovers would love to collect charms like this to represent their pets.

Canine Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are a classic, yet effective way, to show someone you care through an affordable, thoughtful gift. A dog lover will appreciate it even more if it includes their favourite animals, wishing them “happy birthday”, “congratulations” or “get well soon”.

Make it even better by finding some humorous cards because who doesn’t appreciate a good puppy joke?

Dog-Shaped Charms

Similar to the dog-shaped pendants, these charms are cute little additions to bracelets for the recipient who has a specific dog breed in their life. They look just like the real-life pet- only with more gold and sparkle.

These lifelike charms are also great for someone who wants to include more than one type of dog on their bracelet.

Looking For More Dog Lover Gifts?

There are plenty of dog lover gifts out there but the best ones are always from the heart. Loyal pets deserve to have a special place in the hearts and lives of their family members.

If you’re searching for the perfect gift for your dog loving significant other, check out our Woof collection for a whole catalogue dedicated to your furry friends.