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Do you save your holiday shopping for the last minute? You’re not alone.

The majority of Britons, millennials especially, say they will spend 60 percent of their holiday budget online. With a wider variety to chose from and gifts catered to specific interests, why wouldn’t you?

For the dog lover in your life, you could search website after website with no luck for the perfect gift. That’s why we’ve done the work for you!

Check out these designer jewelry gifts for dog lovers they’ll be sure to love.


Necklaces and pendants are a holiday favorite for gift receivers.

Looking for a specific breed? Popular breeds like pugs, Dalmatians, collies, and others are in pendant form! Your loved one can carry a reminder of their own dog with them wherever they go with this sweet idea.

If you can’t find a specific breed you can also get paw print and dog bone jewelry. These pendants are great for people who want something simple but elegant.

Charm Bracelets

Forget Pandora, charm bracelets from the Woof Collection will make any dog-lover swoon.

In silver or rose gold, these cute charms can showcase how many dogs you have or get one of each for the true dog lover on your list.

Not only is this gift thoughtful but you can also continue to get a new charm for holidays and birthdays, making it a gift that keeps giving.

It’s also a great gift you can personalize more so than others. You can choose between breed-specific charms, dog bones, or paw prints. Arrange the charms yourself to create a piece of jewelry only your friend or loved one will have.


Want to complete the set? Pair a set of earrings with a pendant necklace!

Paw print and bone stud earrings look great on anyone! These pure silver earrings are small and adorable. They would make a great gift for children this holiday season!

There is nothing worse than losing an earring. That’s why these come with their own bag so you’ll always have a pair!

Paw Print Ring

Made from pure silver with a rose gold paw, this ring comes in four different sizes.

Because of its design, you can stack it with other rings or wear it alone!

This gift can be a little more tricky since you’ll need to know the person’s ring size. The best way to determine if the ring will fit is to visit a jeweler and try some sizes out!

Bangles and Bracelets

Not everyone is a fan of charm bracelets so consider other options!

This paw print bracelet is silver and rose gold and adjustable so it can fit on any wrist! Its lightweight and simple design make it a great Secret Santa gift!

A silver bangle is another great idea. It is classic and goes with any outfit. This dazzling paws jewelry is a good idea for someone who wants something a little more simple.

Designer Jewelry Gifts for Dog Lovers

This holiday season, get your special someone a gift that will last. These designer jewelry gifts for dog lovers will win their heart.

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