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When it comes to familial relationships in a person’s life, there is nothing more special and precious than the love that a mother and daughter share for one another. If you love your mother more than anything and are looking for ways to commemorate and celebrate the relationship that you share, then we have just the thing for you.

Becoming trendier to wear and more popular as gifting items are charm bracelets and charms in general. They are the perfect blend of style and sentimental value, making them ideal for building a bond and tradition with a loved one.

The Timeless Appeal of Charms

Charms have had a long history. They are so-called because they were originally worn to ward off enemies long before they became decorative jewellery. Neolithic man was known to have worn charms, but it was the ancient Egyptians who started to use them to adorn the body.

Modern charms may not have such a mystical meaning, but they can still represent something meaningful or spiritual to the wearer and the person gifting a charm.

Here are some of the best ranges we have for starting a mother-daughter gift tradition with charm jewellery.

1. Woof Collection – The Perfect Way to Start Collecting Charms

Lots of families have pets that they love very much, so why not get a charm to represent the fur baby that you and your mother love so dearly together?

The chances are that if you are a dog person, then you probably have a few fun novelty items around the home related to your pet. Rather than something gimmicky, treat yourself and your mother to a set of matching charms that build a bond between you and give you both something to remember your precious pet.

2. Gallop Collection

Animals charms are always fun to collect, from unicorn charm jewellery to more ‘traditional’ species!

Something that we know a lot of mother-daughter relationships revolve around in certain families is a love of horses and everything related to them and the Gallop collection celebrates that shared interest. If a love of everything equestrian is something that you are your mother share, then one of our beautiful charms is the perfect matching gift idea.

3. Initial Charms

When it comes to charms for bracelets, you can’t go wrong with a lovely initial to commemorate something. It is nice to wear your own initial but to represent the mother-daughter relationship, it is nice to wear the charm that has the initials of the other person.

This is a really sweet way to ensure that you always have something on your person that reminds you of the bond that you share.

Some Great Ideas to Get You Started

So there you have it; three great places to start a tradition of collecting mother-daughter charms. All that is left to do is pick which is your favourite!

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