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If you’re looking to add a touch of nature to your accessories, how do you determine the pieces that will suit you best? Country themed jewellery has so many options, so you’ll want to make sure your money is well spent on a piece you’ll reach for time and again.

More women are buying jewellery for themselves than ever before. Who better to understand our own tastes in fine accessories than ourselves? Become an expert at picking out your own nature-inspired styles with these tips!

Compliment Your Natural Beauty

Jewellery should enhance your natural features, complimenting your colouring and style. Someone with fair, pink-toned skin may prefer silver to balance out the red tones of their complexion.

Olive skin tones are complementary to all metals, while yellow gold is particularly striking against deeper skin. Rose gold is beautiful on Asian skin tone, as it enhances skin’s natural softness.

Hair colour can play a part as well. Ashen blondes may find that silver is highlighted against their icy locks, while yellow gold can bring out the natural fire in red hair.

Give it Personality

Let your personality shine through in unexpected ways. Choosing a jewellery piece that represents your style and passions will guarantee it finds a regular place in your wardrobe.

If you’re a horse lover, something clever like our Sparkly Bit Bracelet is a subtle nod to your equestrian roots that is stylish and personal. If the garden is your favourite spot, why not take the beauty of garden flowers with you wherever you go with an elegant pair of tulip earrings?

Draw Upon Your Style

When choosing a new piece, consider how it would look against your existing fashions. Something that compliments your style of dress and other favourite jewellery is sure to be well-loved.

Don’t be afraid of mixing metals, as dual tones can be a striking contrast. More important is that it flatters your existing style and brings something special to your everyday look.

If you’re often in office dress, consider something that is understated for the workplace. A flair for fashion with bold styling might suggest you’d do well with a more dramatic statement piece.

Mark the Occasion

Why not choose a special new necklace or bracelet to commemorate something important in your life? Preserving petals from your wedding bouquet inside of a locket or box pendant is a perfect way to honour your love and commitment.

A charm bracelet can be a roadmap to your history, with each piece marking a personal aspect of your journey. There is nothing more personal than a living piece you can build to represent your own unique story.

The Natural Beauty of Country Themed Jewellery

Enhance your beauty with something out of nature. Do you decide on turning over a new leaf with a beautiful floral set of earrings, or to bring out your playful side with an animal charm?

Country themed jewellery can be the perfect accent to your look if you know how to choose wisely.

Explore all the charming nature-themed pieces inspired by the English countryside in our full Country Collection today.