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It’s that time of year again. Time for you to pick out a gift for your wedding anniversary. You’re from the city and your spouse is from the country though, which makes it a little hard for you to figure out what to get them.

You’ve asked their family but you don’t like any of the options they give to you. It shouldn’t be this hard and really it isn’t. There are a ton of great country gifts ideas out there if you look hard enough.

To help you in your search, here are a few options that any country dweller would love.

1. Beautiful Pair of Boots

This is going to sound a little stereotypical but you can’t go wrong with a sturdy pair of cowgirl/cowboy boots. They fit most situations rather your partner wears them to work, or just want something to go with their favourite outfit.

If you really can’t think of anything else to get them for your anniversary, this option is a safe go-to.

2. Vest

Does your anniversary fall during the colder months? If so, then a warm vest will make the perfect gift. While a vest is warm, it’s also fashionable and goes with just about any outfit.

Pair the vest gift idea with the boots to really make your partner happy, or give them a whole outfit at the very least.

3. Gear

Is your partner more of the outdoorsy type of person who enjoys hunting and fishing? If so, then they would always appreciate new gear. You can pick them up a new fishing reel, or even just new fishing line and bait.

They’ll appreciate you fuelling their hobbies. For bonus points, you can buy them the gear and then take them out for a day of fishing and hunting.

4. DIY It

People in the country enjoy putting Knick knacks and other homemade goods around the home. DIY gifts are thoughtful and will never fail to pull at your partner’s heartstrings.

So, break out the arts and crafts and get to creating. If you can’t come up with any ideas or you’re not the most artistic person around there are tutorials online for just about any project.

5. Concert Tickets

Is there a country artist coming to your town that your partner has been dying to see? If so then concert tickets would be a great idea for them. Music is the gateway to the soul so by listening to the music they love with them, you’ll be able to get even closer to your spouse.

Country Gifts That Are Perfect for Your Rural Partner

When you’re from the city and your partner is from the country, it can be hard to figure out the perfect anniversary gift. Use these country gifts ideas to show your spouse that you care.

When it comes to country girls, you can’t go wrong with something horse themed. Browse through our gallop jewellery collection to see if we have the perfect gift for your horse lover.