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One of the best gifts you can buy for an upcoming birthday or graduation is something that reflects one of the celebrant’s passions. This makes a great gift idea whether your daughter’s graduation is approaching or your mother is about to turn 50.

If your loved one happens to have a huge love for horses, horse themed gifts are sure to put a smile on their face. These can be anything from classy, chic jewellery to equestrian-themed blankets or even horseback riding attire.

For the more sophisticated people in your life, though, jewellery is the best choice.

Here are the top 3 designer jewellery items that make a nice gift for a horse lover.

1. Rose Gold Horseshoe Necklace

Pendant necklaces are simple and classy, and they’re also stunning. They make a fashion-forward statement without being over the top or trying too hard, and they match with all kinds of outfits.

As such, it makes perfect sense to get someone a pendant necklace as a gift.

For a horse lover, one of the best pendant options out there is a classic horseshoe. This rose gold horseshoe necklace is really something, though. The colour is absolutely beautiful and the proportion of the horseshoe is sure to complement the features of whoever you give it to.

2. Horseshoe Stud Earrings

If you’re not sure how your loved one will feel about a necklace, get her earrings instead. Every classy lady appreciates a good pair of stud earrings.

Studs are small enough to match with a lot of outfits. But when they’re made in a unique shape like a horseshoe, they provide an interesting twist to a person’s look. Your friend or family member will definitely appreciate this gift, and you may see her wearing it more often than you think!

3. Beaded Equestrian Bracelet

Lastly, a beaded equestrian bracelet. This bracelet looks lovely with a nice watch, but it’s very capable of turning heads on its own. The chain is thin and simple, adorned with lovely little equestrian-themed charms.

The charms include a horseshoe, a helmet, and a stirrup. It’s something the special lady can take with her anywhere she goes and have a piece of her passion along for the ride. She can even take it on her next horseback riding outing!

Search All Kinds of Horse Themed Gifts

As nice as the horse themed gifts mentioned above are, they’re not the only equestrian jewellery items out there! If your loved one already has plenty of earrings or if they’re not one to wear bracelets, consider getting her a nice ring or a new pendant.

There’s so much you can get her if you take the time to think about your options and find the perfect choice. To explore all the best horse themed jewellery, click here.