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Charm bracelets have withstood the test of time. In fact, they have evolved through history. Despite this, they still have a special meaning for those who wear them.

As an easy way to express your love to another person, charm bracelets are available in different materials. You have platinum, gold and even silver. As such, they still maintain their beauty and charm.

Want to take the journey down memory lane and learn more about charm bracelet history?

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History of Charm Bracelets

The first charm bracelets were worn a long time ago. Historians can trace the first charm history back to 600 to 400 BC. The earliest civilization to have worn these charms were the Assyrians and Babylonians.

Available in different forms, this jewelry item has also been unearthed in Africa and Europe.

In Africa, twine bracelets age 75,000 years were discovered with small shells hanging from them. In Europe, the first discovery of such a bracelet was one made with ivory charms. It was 30,000 years old.

These early charms were available in different materials. You have stone, wood, animal bone, and even sea shells. What you ought to know is that not all these charms were bracelets.

Some were necklaces tied to the wearer’s clothing while others were in protective pouches.

As the years went by, early Christians began wearing the bracelets. Although they wore them to identify as Christians, they often hid them in their clothing. These bracelets were available in the shape of fish.

In the Dark Ages, people began to wear bracelets as a way of identifying with their family origin. Others wore them to show their allegiance to a specific ruler or political party.

Re-Introduction of Charm Bracelets in Modern Fashion

According to history, Queen Victoria who loved jewelry re-introduced charm bracelets into fashion. Having ruled between 1876 to 1901, she introduced the bracelets among the elite in Europe.

In fact, history shows that she loved to give out bracelets as gifts. Each personalized gift fit the likes of the recipient. By doing so, she created a fashion craze not only in Europe but around the world too.

This led to the first iconic charm bracelet by Tiffany and Co in 1889. The bracelet had a single heart-shaped charm hanging from a dainty chain. This became a symbol of luxury and class.

The Modern Charm Bracelets

The modern bracelet originated from the Italian link bracelets popular in the 1990s. As a hot fashion item back then, it consisted of a series of linked squares on a stretch band. To personalize the bracelet, the wearer could add a unique charm to one or more squares.

After the Italian link bracelet came the Pandora bracelet. This signature bracelet came into the limelight in early 2000. Made by Pandora, a Danish company, the bracelets are round with beads of different shapes.

Threaded into a circular wire, the wearer can personalize the charms to offer a unique twist.

Are Charm Bracelets Becoming Cool Again?

Yes, charm bracelets are becoming cool again. In fact, major designers such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana are making charm bracelets that appeal to millennials and Gen Xers. Today, you can find bracelets in different styles and materials – from gold to silver.

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