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Are you looking for the perfect birthday gift?

Birthstone jewellery could be just the thing! Gemstones have a rich symbolism that makes them a thoughtful and beautiful gift.

Read on to discover all about birthstones, their meanings and associated colour of the month.

January – Garnet

Garnet is a red stone associated with protection. Its colour invokes love, courage, and faith.

Travellers often kept a garnet on them to keep them safe on their journey. Warriors and soldiers even took them into battle to keep them safe.

February – Amethyst

This violet stone means wisdom. It is also said to strengthen relationships and provide the wearer courage.

Ancient Greeks also believed that it offered protection from becoming drunk. In fact, amethyst comes from the Greek word for sober; ‘amethystos’.

March – Aquamarine

It’s pale blue/cyan colouring has always associated Aquamarine with water. Sailors used to carry it with them to ward away the dangers of the sea.

It is also representative of calmness, serenity, and harmony; especially matrimonial harmony.

April – Diamond

Diamonds symbolise eternal love, and also purity and strength. It stands for courage and romance and offers protection from insanity. The Sanskrit word for diamond is ‘Vajra’ which means lightening.

May – Emerald

The green colour of Emeralds is a reminder of rebirth, renewal, and spring. They’re associated with growth, patience, and wisdom. The Emerald was actually one of Cleopatra’s favourite stones, and the emerald mines in Egypt are named after her.

June – Pearl

Pearls represent purity. They are also associated with chastity, modesty, and calmness. They’re said to help calm anxiety and nervousness too. Pearls have a long history in jewellery and can be found in many styles.

July – Ruby

Rubies have a distinct rich red colour that is often compared to the colour of blood. It is this comparison that sees rubies represent health and wellness.

They symbolise physical strength and vitality. It is also believed to keep the wearer guarded against evil and bring good luck.

August – Peridot

Peridot symbolises strength, and when set in gold it’s said to protect from nightmares. In the past, its believed to have warded from evil and black magic.

Due to its light green colour, it’s often called the ‘evening emerald’. It represents happiness and good fortune, along with peace.

September – Sapphire

Sapphires are rich, dark blue in colour. They represent wisdom, faith, serenity, and purity. This makes it particularly popular for use in engagement rings. In the past, it was also believed to keep the wearer safe from poisoning and evil.

October – Tourmaline

Tourmaline is known for the wide range of colours it comes in. Pink tourmaline, the traditional October birthstone, embodies love and is associated with gentleness, compassion, and honesty.

November – Citrine

Citrine is an orange gemstone that ranges from mild to fiery orange. Part of the quartz family, it is strong and durable. This has led them to symbolise the strength of affection and love. It is also a symbol of intellect and strength and the mind.

December – Turquoise

As the name suggests, this gemstone is turquoise in colour. It symbolises success and good fortune. In the past, it was believed to keep the wearer safe from harm, particularly evil spirits.

Birthstones as Birthday Gifts

As you can see, birthstones not only look great but have deep meanings. These timeless stones have been symbolic of their virtues for millennia, and are just as recognisable today.

Be sure to check out our Birthstone Jewellery collection. We have pendants and earrings for every month, so you are sure to find the perfect birthday gift.