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Do you or someone you know love boxers? Their soulful eyes and sensitive hearts?

Not this kind.

The deeply supportive kind that gives a big boost.  No, not this kind either.

We mean the kind with black button noses and goofy grins. That’s right, the 31st most popular breed of dog in the U.K.

Boxers are known for their intelligence and loyalty to children and family. It’s no wonder that people go head over heels for a Boxer puppy. Want to give the perfect gift to a new dog mum? We have just the right suggestions from our Woof collection.

Read on to learn more.

Hold a Boxer Puppy Shower

Human mums-to-be get showered with gifts useful for themselves and the new baby. Why not lavish the same on new dog owners? After all, an adorable boxer puppy has many of the same needs.

Think about a puppy party! Some practical ideas for a new pet parent include a crate for the new addition, lots of chew toys and pads for housebreaking. It’s never too early to consider training, so obedience sessions with a puppy coach might be a welcome surprise.

Don’t forget to indulge pet parents, too. Doggy daycare or a volunteer pet sitter for spa weekends away are often appreciated. City dog owners enjoy the services of a good dog walker.

Making Memories

A Boxer puppy reaches maturity at a little more than a year old. That means that babies undergo changes and grow quickly. Rolly-poly puppies become leggy adolescents in a blink of an eye.

Commemorate all this growth with lots of photos. In the early stage of puppyhood, a photo a week might not be enough. It doesn’t have to be fancy. No matching hats and jumpers are necessary.

Even dogs have Instagram feeds! A simple online scrapbook of shots to document the change from a ball of fluff to a loyal companion is one way to keep memories green. Try a photo a day, every day at the same time to document growth spurts.

Meaningful Gifts

For something more sentimental and permanent, consider giving jewellery to celebrate the new family member.  A sterling silver charm for a bracelet is a nice way to recognize a boxer puppy addition to the family. A loyal Boxer pendant in solid silver is another way to showcase a much-loved pet.

A charm or pendant is simple, elegant and flattering. It’s a way to wear loyalties to the Boxer dog. As a gift, it’s fun and personal without being trite and sentimental.

Let Us Help You Find the Right Jewellery

We make only the finest silver chains, pendants, bracelets, charms and more. We have just the right sterling silver gift items for any occasion. Whether it is a new Boxer puppy or a little something for Mothers’ Day, we can create the right gift for you.

Check out our catalogue for ideas and contact us today!