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We hear a lot about bees in the news and social media. Protect the bees! Even if you’ve been stung by one, you can appreciate they place in keeping the ecosystem balanced.

Wearing bee symbols as decals or jewellery is popular this year, which is fun and help raise awareness. Bee symbolism is more than just fun, as it can have several different meanings.

Here are a few reasons you may want to wear your bees.

Bee Symbolism

Not only do bees represent many different qualities, but there have been quotes and adages written, as well.

Busy as a Bee: Industrious

Bees never seem to stop working. They are very productive and hard working. Watching them buzz the flowers in the garden or building a hive, it seems it’s always a flurry of activity.

Honey bees on a comb never stop moving. They are determined and dedicated to finishing the job. Do they ever sleep?


Bees will protect their hive, their home and their queen at all costs, even to their own life. Diligent, fighters, and selflessness are all characteristics of the bee. They show a protective nature while defending their own.


When you see a swarm or just a lot of bees, they are all working together. We humans could take a page out of that book. Peace and harmony are part of bee culture, without jealousy, and competitiveness.

They work as a team toward a common goal, which means they also have balance in their existence, keeping all manner of their lives running smoothly, even in the face of adversity.


If you’ve ever had a bouquet of flowers in the house, you may have watched a bee try to find a way in through your window or screen. They are so determined to get to the nectar, they will cover the screen for ages, just trying to find a way in.

They seem to be able to focus on the task at hand and simply get down to work. No distractions or obstacles keep from reaching their goal.


Bees will come back and come back again, even when you shoo them away. If you have something sweet at your picnic, they don’t know it’s not a flower. They just know they need to get at it.

It’s an admirable quality, tenacity, determination and the will and need to complete the job. Imagine how many bosses would love to be able to transfer the powers of the bees to their workforce.

Bee Power

There are so many aspects of the bee to be admired. Bee symbolism is present throughout history and in many religions, as power, strength, and determination. They are complex in language, their body language and communication.

Wearing bees as a symbol isn’t just fun and cute, but far-reaching into a complete world of peace and harmony. Giving bee jewelry as a gift or for yourself to represent these fine qualities.

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