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Discover the Perfect Christmas Jewellery Gifts for Her from Gemma J’s Classics Collection

The festive season is a time of joy, celebration, and thoughtful giving. As we embrace the spirit of Christmas, finding a gift that resonates with elegance, timelessness, and personal sentiment becomes a cherished endeavour. Gemma J‘s “The Classics” collection emerges as a beacon of exquisite jewellery, offering an array of stunning pieces perfect for making […]

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Gemma J Jewellery for Every Occasion

Jewellery is more than just an accessory; it’s a statement of style, a personal expression, and sometimes, a cherished memory. At Gemma J Jewellery, we understand the importance of finding the perfect piece for every occasion. Whether you’re dressing up for a special event, adding a touch of elegance to your everyday look, or searching […]

Seasonal Sparkle: Winter Earrings to Brighten Up the Chilliest Days

Snowflake Studs

  When the world outside is a canvas of frosty whites and cool blues, it’s time to infuse a little sparkle into our lives, and what better way than with a pair of dazzling earrings?   At Gemma J, we believe that the right earrings can turn the winter blues into a spectrum of silver […]

The Art of Elegance: How to Choose Earrings That Complement Your Face Shape

  In the dance of light and shadow, where elegance meets personal style, earrings are not just accessories; they are statements of identity. They can accentuate your features, complement your face shape, and enhance your natural beauty. At Gemma J, we understand that choosing the right pair of earrings is akin to finding the perfect words […]

Gleaming in the Winter Light: Silver Animal Jewellery for Christmas

  In the heart of winter, when the nights are longest, there’s a particular kind of magic that flickers in the frosty air.   It’s the magic of Christmas when the world seems to pause in anticipation of joy, togetherness, and celebration. Amidst the season’s flurry, the quest for the perfect gift becomes a journey […]

The Gallop Collection’s Best Picks for Young Horse Enthusiasts

Equestrianism is not just about riding; it’s about passion, lifestyle, and a unique bond between the rider and their horse. This essence has been beautifully captured in jewellery designs for years. For young horse enthusiasts, equestrian jewellery offers a way to express their love for the sport and the majestic creatures that are its stars. […]

Perfectly Photographing Gemma J’s Countryside Collection

acorn leaf earrings

The love affair between nature and art has spanned centuries. They converse, complement, and, at times, challenge each other. Nature’s serenity and vibrancy find a unique expression within the intricate sphere of jewellery design. Gemma J’s Countryside Collection is a testament to this timeless bond. Each piece tells a story of the countryside, from delicate […]

Equestrian Pendants and Studs For Every Budget.

Horseshoe Pebble Pendant

The equestrian world is often considered the epitome of grace, discipline, and power. From the rhythmic canter of a horse to the finesse of a perfectly executed jump, it’s a realm filled with beauty. Naturally, capturing this elegance in jewellery presents an opportunity to adorn oneself with a piece of that world, and Gemma J’s […]

Saddle Up: Choosing the Ideal Equestrian Charm for Your Style

When it comes to jewellery, finding pieces that reflect your personality and interests can be incredibly rewarding. For horse enthusiasts, equestrian charms offer a unique way to showcase your passion and style. In this guide, we’ll explore some delightful equestrian charm options from our Gallop Collection and help you pick the perfect piece to adorn […]

Riding in Style: Coordinating Equestrian Jewellery with Riding Disciplines

Silky Snaffle Bracelet Black

Horseback riding isn’t just a sport; it’s a lifestyle. For equestrians, the connection between horse and rider goes beyond the arena. It’s a passion that transcends the saddle and seeps into every aspect of life, including personal style. If you’re an equestrian enthusiast, you know that showcasing your love for horses isn’t limited to the […]

Equestrian Charm: Gift Guide with Gemma J Gallop Collection

Equestrian enthusiasts are a special breed. They share an unbridled passion for horses and all things equestrian. If you’re searching for the perfect gift for someone who adores these majestic creatures, look no further than the Gemma Js Gallop collection. This exquisite line of equestrian-themed jewellery offers a stunning range of stylish and meaningful pieces. Whether […]

A Guide to Dog Charms: Adding Personality to Your Pendants

collie charm

Dogs hold a special place in our hearts, becoming not just pets but cherished family members. As pet owners, we often seek creative ways to showcase our affection and bond with our furry companions. One delightful way to do so is by adorning your accessories with dog charms. These tiny pieces of art capture the […]

Unleash Your Pup’s Personality: Exploring The Woof Collection

jack russell pendant

Dogs are more than just pets; they’re cherished members of our families. Each breed has unique characteristics and traits, and what better way to celebrate your furry friend’s individuality than with exquisite dog jewellery? Welcome to “The Woof Collection” by Gemma J, where your beloved canine companion’s personality is beautifully captured in sterling silver and […]

Timeless Treasures: Unveiling Gems of Enduring Elegance from Our Classic Collection

golden leafed necklace

In a world where trends swiftly come and go, the allure of classic jewellery remains ever-present, standing as a testament to timeless elegance and refined craftsmanship. At Gemma J, we pride ourselves on curating a collection that transcends fleeting fads, inviting you to explore the exquisite beauty of our Classic Jewellery Collection. Each piece is […]

Discovering Your Spirit Guide Through Jewelry

rabbit pendant

Animal totems have long been special in various cultures and spiritual practices. These sacred animals serve as guides and symbols, representing different qualities, characteristics, and messages. Today, we delve into the fascinating realm of animal totems and explore how you can connect with your spirit guide through the power of animal-inspired jewellery. Join us on […]

Unique Gifts for Horse Lovers in the Gallop Collection!

Rose Gold Dressage Horse Charm

Welcome to the Equestrian Extravaganza, where we embark on a delightful journey through the Gallop Collection, your ultimate destination for finding the perfect gifts for equestrians. We’ve curated a selection of exceptional jewellery pieces that capture the spirit of the equestrian world with style and creativity. From the whimsical Horse and Rider Pendant to the […]

Nature-Inspired Designs and Gifts for Animal Lovers

daffodil necklace

Jewellery holds a special place in our hearts, not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for the emotions and memories it carries. At Gemma J, we believe in creating jewellery that resonates with your style and passions. Our nature-inspired designs and jewellery for animal lovers capture the beauty of the natural world and provide […]

Beyond Riding: Exploring the Passion for Horses through Jewellery. 

lady wearing horse necklace

Equestrianism is more than just a sport or hobby; it’s a way of life. Equestrians share an unbreakable bond with their majestic companions, cherishing every moment spent together. This deep connection often extends beyond the stables and into fashion and personal style. Horse-related jewellery allows equestrians to showcase their passion proudly while adding flair to […]

How to Pick the Perfect Dog Charm for You

french bulldog charm

Dogs are the world’s favourite pets, and it’s easy to see why. Nothing beats the look of joy on their face when you step through the door, and their endless joy and loyalty knows no bounds. Many people like to pay homage to their dogs with jewellery. There are many ways to do this, including […]

5 Reasons we Love Country-Inspired Jewellery

rose gold pine cone charm

For many of us living here in the UK and beyond, there is a timeless allure to a stroll through the countryside. Luscious fields, thick forests, and gorgeous country lanes offer the chance to step away from the hustle and bustle of modern life for a while and embrace the countryside that is on our […]

The Powerful Symbolism of a Horse Necklace

snaffle bit necklace

There are many pieces of horse jewellery that can be found, and one of the most popular of all is the necklace. For many years, a horse necklace has been worn by equestrians and country lovers alike as a fashion statement and to add a touch of their personality to their outfit. Beyond their stunning […]

A History of Animal Jewellery

Throughout history, humans have had a deep connection with animals. This has been reflected in various forms of art and decoration, one example being animal jewellery. Animal jewellery has been worn by people of different cultures and time periods as a way to display their affinity towards animals and the natural world and has evolved […]

Why Horse Lovers Should Wear Horse Jewellery

Horses have captivated the hearts of humans with their beauty, grace, and indomitable spirit for centuries. It’s no wonder that horse lovers find themselves irresistibly drawn to all things equine. One way to express and celebrate this profound connection is by collecting and wearing horse themed jewellery. There are so many different types of horse […]

How to Choose the Perfect Animal Jewellery for You

dachshund charm

If you’re looking to buy the next addition to your jewellery collection, then you may struggle to find the perfect piece. While some people choose traditional jewellery styles, many people also like to buy themed items. One of the most popular themes is animals. There are many reasons people buy animal jewellery, and many different […]


Our love of horses is the inspiration behind our much loved  Gallop Collection   This jewellery collection is devoted entirely to lovers of horses and features gorgeous horseshoe earrings with sparkles , equestrian bracelets, equestrian charms and equestrian necklaces. If you looking for a gift for a horse lover, there’s plenty to choose from, from this […]

The Doodle Dog

A Doodle dog is a familiar title to cover any dog which is a mixture of Poodle and other purebred dogs such as Labradors, Cocker Spaniels and Yorkshire Terriers. The poodle is a fantastic breed which comes in 3 size varieties and is much loved for its affectionate temperament, its intelligence and ease of training. […]

Robin Jewellery – For the love of Robins

In the vote for Britain’s favourite bird guess who came top? yes, the Robin! Robins are often associated with the coming of Spring as they burst into song when the days get warmer, they can symbolise a fresh beginning full of colour, renewals, and the hope of better times. Many people choose to wear robin […]

Fall in Love with Autumn Jewellery – Experience Autumn Deeper

There is something quite magical about the idyllic Autumn weather and visionaries. It is a time when the weather is entirely perfect and filled with explosive, vibrant colors that can make you feel motivated and euphoric while soaking it all in. Now, you can certainly bust out the flannels, pumpkin spice, and home adornments as […]

Paw Prints on the Heart – The Evolutionary Love Between Dogs and Humans

It is no secret that millions of people are dog lovers. Big dogs, little dogs, yappy to quiet; every single one of them is lovable and genuinely solidifies the meaning of what “a man’s best friend” is all about. In fact, the relationship and loyalty connections are so strong that places like Gemma J have […]

Top 5 Gifts for Horse Lovers

It’s hard to buy gifts for horse lovers because- let’s be honest- it’s hard to compete with a horse. Even if you’re the world’s greatest gift-giver, you’re going to have a hard time finding gifts for horse lovers in your life. All you can really do is try your best to give these people something […]

Gifts for Equestrians: Our Top 5 Picks!

If your equestrian friend has a birthday coming up, we know you’ve been searching for the perfect present for her! Though the number of regular riders has decreased over the years, there are still 1.3 million riders in the UK. When it comes to gift-giving, it can difficult to figure out what you horse-loving friend would enjoy […]

Spotted: 4 Celebrities Who Wore Bee Jewellery

Let’s face it–sometimes we just don’t “get” celebrity fashion. Trends in fashion and jewellery come and go, but some are timeless. One such trend is animal themed jewellery. It’s something women of all ages and backgrounds can easily agree on. In addition to jewellery designs featuring horses, dogs, and other popular animals, we’re seeing a lot of […]

3 Qualities to Look for in Quality Equestrian Jewellery

Do you know someone who loves the countryside? Are they the person in your friend group or family who is always talking about getting away from the city? Maybe this is due to the fact he or she grew up riding horses or tending to the land. Maybe you are that person in the group […]

The Ultimate Guide to Snaffle Bit Jewellery

Every equestrian lover knows the classic symbols of barn life – like horseshoes, riding boots, and, of course, different kinds of bits. These are familiar items that can easily be found when riding and can create a bit of nostalgia whenever you see them elsewhere. You may come across such symbols in an ad for […]

5 Gifts for Dog Lovers That Are Sure to Be a Hit

The benefits dogs bring to our lives is undeniable. They lift our moods and help us become more active. Studies have even proven that dog owners may live longer! It’s no wonder your friend or family member is a major dog lover. So, if your friend lives alone, you know their four-legged pal is bringing them […]

5 Reasons Why We Love Country Animal Themed Jewellery

In the fashion world, 2017 brought us chunky chokers, oversized earrings and mineral inspired designs. But in 2018 fashion has turned to animalistic creations. From gentle butterflies to wild beasts, supermodels hit the catwalk celebrating all the different faces of the animal kingdom in their jewellery pieces, especially animals that we find in the countryside! Are you ready […]

It’s sale time!

It’s that time of year where we get things ready for new arrivals , giving great reductions on jewellery in our sale. There are many new items in our sale including these gorgeous Stacking Bangles  Many items are down to half price so grab a bargain while there’s still stock. A very Happy New Year […]

Gearing up for Christmas

Well summer is truly over and we’ve had such a great time seeing all our lovely customers at some fabulous outdoor shows. We’re now busy preparing for the season of sparkle and are super excited about some new lovely  Christmas designs  including our gorgeous Rose Gold Deer. Our Christmas shows kick off  with the Spirit […]

The Gemma J Show Season in full swing!

We’re finally back in the office after a few weeks out on the road at some fabulous events. Our Spring tour started with the Country Living Spring fair at Alexandra Palace where we saw some baby lambs , and saw so many of our lovely customers. We then went to the beautiful Cotswolds to the amazing […]

Happy Easter from us!

Here at Gemma J we are loving the longer warmer days and the chance to spend even more time in the great outdoors! We are also very pleased with our new collections for the new season , that have been added to our Summer Collection. There are gorgeous hooped earrings with Robins and also with a […]

Mothers Day Collection with exclusive offers!!

Mothers Day Collection by Gemma J.

Mother’s Day Collection by Gemma J What better way to show your appreciation on Mother’s Day than to give a treasured jewellery gift that will last forever from the Mother’s Day Collection by Gemma J We have created a collection of jewellery that’s perfect for the occasion which includes silver and gold flowers (who can […]

Get Social with Gemma J!

pheasant design

The positive side of social media is that you can get a good insight on what is going on in the day to day life of a company . We love any communication from our customers, it helps us listen to you and gain great insight on how our jewellery is considered. You can have […]

Happy New Year and welcome to our January Sale!

January Sale

A very Happy New Year to all of our fantastic customers and a big welcome  to 2017! With the new year we all like to bring some fresh changes so at Gemma J we are preparing for some exciting new pieces joining our collections early this year. So to refresh and renew we need to […]

The festive season is upon us!

Festive Gifts

Winter is Here… The nights are drawing in, the temperature has plummeted and the season of festive gifts is almost here. There is something very special about Christmas that everyone enjoys. It brings with it a feeling of togetherness and love among family and friends. Most of all it is a time to take pleasure […]

Colours of Autumn

At Gemma J we are loving the colours of autumn and the inspiration they give for our jewellery design! We’ve mixed some gorgeous autumnal veg with some of our favourite designs which reflect this time of year. The Acorn Pendant comes in both silver and rose gold and the Pine Cone Pendant is coated in warm rose […]

Jenny Rudall Joins Gemma J

Gemma J is delighted to welcome the brilliant TV presenter, Jenny Rudall, as an ambassador for our  brand. Jenny’s passion for animals, sport and all things equestrian, coupled with her professional yet friendly interview manner, has made her hugely popular with audiences on Sky’s Horse and Country TV Channel as well as amongst the riders […]

Blinged Snaffle!

sparkly bit bracelet

Our chunky Snaffle bracelet has been blinged! A decision made by popular request from our lovely customers and as a matching set to our Sparkly Bit Ring which we designed earlier this year. Each link between the Snaffle Bits are lined with tiny cubic zirconias on both sides. The Sparkly Bit Bracelet is now available […]

National Dog Day

This is a little video we made up to celebrate National Dog Day which was on August 23rd.We featured a few of our favourite dogs and the charms that we have created in their honour. As most of us Brits, we adore doggies at Gemma J. For that reason, we have a complete ‘Woof’ collection […]