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Did you know that just around 45% of the UK population own pets?

Pet owners are notorious for spoiling their treasured furry friends with plenty of treats.

Why not celebrate the amazing animal lovers in your life with the right birthday jewellery as a treat to the owner?

Keep reading this extensive list of unique birthday gifts to wrap up and send off to the animal lover you care about this year.

1. Dog Paw Plaque Necklace

A necklace with a hanging plaque will make your animal lover swoon as soon as the gift is opened. These sterling silver necklaces are beautiful reminders of the pet in your animal lover’s life.

You should also get the name of your friend’s furry pet etched into the silver plaque for an extra special dose of personalization. Each dog breed has such a unique paw print so it’s important to look up your animal lover’s dog print before committing to a unique plaque design.

2. Animal Lover Charm Bracelet

Show appreciation for your animal lover on her birthday with a charm bracelet. A charm bracelet can also continue to grow with your friend as she adds more and cuter dangling pieces to the bracelet over time.

For example, purchase a paw print charm or a heart charm to start your friend’s bracelet out.

Expressing love for an animal has never been easier than with the help of a gorgeous charm bracelet. The awesome thing about charm bracelets is that they can also be adjustable, too.

3. Cat Origami Necklace

For the cat lovers in your life, consider buying a cat origami necklace as a birthday present. The origami design looks simple and easy to dress up or down.

Take your kitty everywhere you go with a silver cat origami piece. These origami necklaces are made out of great material, too. Expertly coated sterling silver will not tarnish or rust. These necklaces are dainty and great to wear on an everyday basis.

4. Custom Photo Locket

Want a gift that your friend can show off? Invest in a necklace with a custom photo locket. The right birthday present idea needs to be creative. A custom photo locket will immediately strike joy once your friend puts it on her neck.

Find an adorable photo of your friend’s beloved animal sidekick and print it out to glue inside the locket.

Use a colourful photo or choose a black and white filter to add some nostalgia. Putting in a cheerful photo will bring memories to keep close to the heart for years to come. Your friend will cherish this thoughtful birthday gift.

Want More Jewellery Gift Ideas?

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