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Jewellery is a reflection of who you are. You don’t just slap on some gaudy trinket that has absolutely no meaning to you.

It must mean something. Jewellery says something about who you are. It says something about your unique spirit.

Of course, many of us are animal lovers. We feel a strong kinship with the nature that surrounds us. We are inspired by their unflagging loyalty, warmth, and love.

That’s where animal spirit jewellery comes in. Let’s take a look at your animal spirit and how to pick the right piece to emphasize your soul.

1. Determine Your Animal Spirit

The first step in finding the right animal spirit jewellery is discovering your spirit animal. Fortunately, there are no shortage of animal spirit quizzes on the Internet.

Once you know what your totem is, you are ready to discover your power stone.

2. Find Your Crystal

Once you’ve finished discovering your spirit animal, it’s very easy to hone in on the animal jewellery that you’ll be best suited for. Again, there are no shortage of correspondence tables like this one. So, if you’re a bat, you may want to seek out some animal jewellery with fire agate or peacock ore.

If you’re a butterfly, you might do better with some rainbow tourmaline.

Pay attention to what those crystals mean, as well. Every stone has properties that are associated with it.

You don’t need to stick to a literal correspondence. There may be other stones that give a feeling of confidence or beauty and grace.

Also, really stop and think about the spirit animals, as well. You don’t need to rely on anonymous internet quizzes to tell you what you are. If there’s a particular animal that speaks to you, that may be your soul trying to communicate with you and tell you something.

 Browse for Jewelry

Once you’ve done some research and soul searching, you’re ready to pick out some jewellery to help you carry the power and influence of your totem animal with you everywhere you go. You should already know your spirit animal and the stone that represents it, so now it’s just a manner of browsing for the right jewellery piece.

We cannot begin to express how good it feels to both express yourself and nourish your spirit at the same time.

We cannot encourage you enough to experiment with wearing some animal jewellery of your own. You’ll be able to carry the wisdom of the owl, the cunning of the fox, or the loyalty of the wolf with you wherever you go, whenever you need it!

Looking for Inspiring Jewelry?

Jewellery is an easy, effortless way to show who you are to the rest of the world. It’s also a way to carry something you hold sacred with you everywhere… And look stunning all the while.

Now that you know what your animal spirit is and how to pick out jewellery for it, browse some of our pendants today and see what we have in store!