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In Linsey's Words

Gemma J was my creation, born in the late 90s.

I was pony-mad from a young age and spent my childhood looking after, riding, and drawing horses, which proved to be very useful later on. During my twenties, I spent over 10 years backpacking around Asia and South America, funding my travels by selling jewellery I had created from wonderful stones and beads found in places such as Jaipur, India, and Celuk, Bali.

After settling back in England years later, and with my two little girls in tow (the eldest named Gemma) – it only felt natural to continue in the jewellery trade, combining my love of outdoor life with my love of creating pieces that people adore. Gemma J was born, and we began trading at small country fairs and summer events. The rest is history.

I have been designing jewellery for an astounding 30 years and am constantly inspired by the beauty nature provides us with. My very lucky dog enjoys two walks a day because I would much rather be out discovering the Surrey countryside than sat in front of a computer! I am assisted by a small but very helpful team who handle areas I am not good at, such as accounting, photography, and online marketing, so I am free to bring my designs to life.

Our Jewellery

How it’s made.

We create high-quality jewellery starting with a sketch and using CAD design software. Sterling silver is poured into a rubber mould made from the sketch, creating the final product.

We partner with skilled production specialists to polish and finish our jewellery, then add our logo and hallmark. Our pieces are made from recycled sterling silver of the highest quality. Some items even incorporate special touches like gold plating and enamel for unique style and colour.

Our Collections

Our collections reflect our love of the outdoors whether it be riding, dog walking or just enjoying the beauty of the outside world.

Each design is inspired by nature and animals and is exclusive to our small company.

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Our Shows

We still trade at shows and love being part of an outdoor event and visiting beautiful venues in leafy British locations. 

But most of all we love meeting you! The people that wear our jewellery inspire us constantly with their ideas, whether it be our next doggy breed, the sheep that you rear, or a gift for a horse crazy lady!

Where to find us

Our Ethos

We love the outdoors and the planet and thus, we are mindful of the impact our business practices may have on the environment. Our silver production uses almost 100% recycled silver, ensuring the highest quality.

You will receive your jewellery in a pretty pouch, which we hope will be useful to store your jewellery or any small items. If your jewellery is being shipped, it will be in a recyclable envelope.

We are a small business aiming to create high-quality pieces that our customers will be able to wear for many years, all while remaining competitive in price.