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Over 300,000 spectators attended the Royal Ascot racing event in 2018. The Royal Ascot racecourse hosts one of the most glamorous and prestigious horse racing events every third week of July, which is the fanciest occasion in the British summer calendar.

Every section of the racecourse has a different look and appeal. This means that visitors have to comply with a strict dress code. This can be a minefield, especially for newcomers.

Below is a brief guide on the Royal Ascot dress code for the various sections.

1. Royal Enclosure

Ladies are required to wear formal daywear. Dresses and jumpsuits should reach the knee level or lower, and any straps must be at least an inch wide. You cannot wear strapless dresses.

Trouser suits must be full-length with matching color and fabric.

Ladies must also wear hats or headpieces with a four-inch solid base, but fascinators are not allowed.

Gentlemen are required to wear a morning suit, either black or grey, with a matching top hat, black shoes, and socks. A waistcoat and a tie are also mandatory — bow ties and cravats are not allowed. Personal customization on top hats and novelty ties are also not permitted.

2. Queen Anne Enclosure

Lady guests at this enclosure are asked to dress in appropriate formal wear. Strapless dresses are not permitted; these include single-shouldered dresses and Bardot. Trouser suits are allowed and must be full-length.

A headpiece, hat or fascinator must be worn at all time. Jumpsuits must cover well below the knee, and shorts are not permitted.

Gentlemen are required to dress in a full-length suit with a shirt complete with a tie. The trouser and jacket should have a matching color and pattern. Ankles-high socks must be worn as well.

3. Village Enclosure

This enclosure is a bit less demanding compared to higher enclosures’ ascot style.

For ladies, any form of headpiece, hat, or fascinator should be worn at all times. Tops and strapless dresses are not allowed. Trouser suits have to be full-length; jumpsuits should cover below the knee and shorts are not allowed.

The gents are required to be dressed in a full-length trouser, jacket; and a tie, cravat or a bow tie. Trainers and jeans are not permitted. Ankle high socks are also required.

4. Windsor Enclosure

No official formal dress code is imposed in the Windsor enclosure. However, it is recommended that visitors dress in smart daywear. This is a good place to place to try out a more relaxed and glamorous look.

Since the necklines rules don’t apply to the Windsor enclosure, ladies can put on a show with glittering accessories such as necklaces and earrings.

The suggested dress code for men is a casual combination of a jacket, full-length trousers, a shirt, and a pair of decent shoes.

International guests and military personnel are allowed to wear their national dresses and military attires, respectively.

Keep up with the Royal Ascot Dress Code

Visitors who show up at the entrance dressed in the wrong Royal Ascot dress code are told off. Last year, fashion police at every entrance were equipped with bags of accessories like hats and ties to lend to those who fall short of such items.

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