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Your mum has been there for you through all the stages of your life. From your first steps to graduation, she has supported you and loved you through every challenge, heartache, and triumph. So, how do you find the perfect gift for her?

One that lets her know just how special she is to you? Read on for seven ideas for how to gift your mum with a present she’ll adore.

1. A Gift to Cherish

What do you get the mum who has everything? How about a trip down memory lane by compiling cherished photos into a family photo album or another keepsake? From custom-printed blankets to mugs, there are many ways to present your mum with photographs she’ll cherish for a lifetime.

2. Commission a Portrait

Why not hire an artist to paint a portrait of your family from a photo your mum loves? Or, if she’s an animal lover, you can commission a portrait of your mum’s favorite pet. With sites like Etsy or Paint Your Life, finding a portrait artist at an affordable price has never been easier.

3. A Hand-Crafted Item

Remember when you were a child and drew a picture for your mum? If you love arts and crafts and excel at knitting, songwriting, photography, or something else, think about how you might incorporate it into a gift.

4. A Charitable Donation

Find a cause your mum is passionate about and donate to it in her name. Does she love animals? Then, donate to her local animal rescue.

Does she have strong beliefs about rehabilitating drug addicts, helping children in need, or fighting for women’s reproductive rights? Then, find a charity that aligns with her concerns and calling.

5. Nature Jewelry

Does your mum love long walks in the country? Then, find her a lovely piece of nature jewelry that reflects her love of the outdoors. From dragonflies to feathers to leaves and more, your mum will love beautiful jewelry featuring outdoor elements.

6. Equestrian-Themed Accessories

Does your mum love horses? Beautiful bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings featuring an equestrian theme abound. Whether you’re looking for a simple horse esthetic or equestrian sports theme, there’s a piece perfect for your mum.

7. Dog Lover’s Jewelry

Is your mum an avid dog lover who takes her precious pooch everywhere? Then, why not get her sparkling, dog lover’s accessories? From bracelets to breed-specific pendants, you’ve got many options sure to delight her.

Find the Perfect Gift for Mum

“What gift should I get?” If you’ve been trying to find your mum the ideal present, consider one of the ideas above. Will you opt for a sentimental photo album or handcrafted present?

Are you considering a donation in your mum’s name? Stunning jewelry? Or, something else?

Whatever you choose, your mum is sure to be impressed by the time and energy you’ve invested in your quest to find the perfect gift. Interested in checking out more jewelry your mum will love? Check out our full collection of irresistible accessories she’s sure to love.