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Do you have a friend or loved one who is passionate about horses?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Many riders or enthusiasts love anything and everything having to do with horses, so finding them the perfect gift that reflects their passion is something they will cherish for quite some time.

But how do you know what gift to select? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some terrific ideas.

Read on for 7 horse gifts that will make someone smile.


Jewellery is a sentimental and special gift but you can make this present even more personal by incorporating their favourite thing; horses.

A horse pendant necklace is always a nice touch or you could get them a sterling silver cuff bracelet that has horses engraved throughout.

If they already wear a charm bracelet you could add to their collection with a horse charm.

If you want to be a little more subtle, a horseshoe is a pretty symbol to use on the jewellery instead of the horse itself and still gets across the same message.


A piece of equestrian-inspired art could be just the right touch in their home.

You could get them a framed painting or print of a horse or a small statue to display somewhere special.

If you want to be unique, consider getting them a blueprint of a horse which points to different parts of the horses’ anatomy, and explains the various and important parts that make them the special creatures they are.


Opt for a beautiful coffee table book about horses.

This way, they can display it in their home and guests can peruse it when they come over. It’s a good conversation piece and might teach your loved one a thing or two about horses they didn’t already know.

Phone or iPad Case

If you’re shopping for someone younger, phone or iPad cases are a very hip way for your loved one to show off their own love of horses.

There are a variety of horse-themed covers that you can pick from.

Some are brightly coloured and others are more simple and subdued so you can make your decision based on the personality of the girl you’re buying for.


A cosy throw blanket is something practical that can be used daily and also a fun reminder about their passion.

You can get them a throw they can use while watching television or something to go on top of their bedspread in their room.

Jewellery Box

A horse-themed jewellery box is a nice touch and again another practical gift they can use regularly.

You can get a jewellery box with a horse painted onto the front and it will be a special keepsake they can cherish forever and also display in their room.


This is the perfect gift for someone who is also a Christmas enthusiast and loves to decorate their tree.

A horse ornament will be a nice touch for their holiday festivities and you can even turn it into a tradition and gift them with a different horse ornament every year.

They can start a collection!

Buy These Horse Gifts Today

With the list above, you have so many options when considering what kind of horse gifts to get someone you love.

If they’re passionate about horses, you really can’t go wrong with whatever selection you make.

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