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Are you in search of unique gifts for horse trainers? The first thing you need to do is avoid cheesy trinkets. What you need to go for are stylish horse trainer gifts that will not end up in the garbage bin or the donation box.

To aid in your search for the perfect horse riding gifts, we have compiled a list of potential horse riding gift ideas for you to consider.

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1. Sherpa Fleece Winter Helmet Cover

If your horse trainer has many horses to school but lacks the luxury of sunny weather, this is the perfect gift. Available in black, it’s made with fleece, velcro and elastic materials.

The sherpa section wraps around the user’s neck keeping him or her warm during winter.

2. Rose Gold Boot and Stirrup Pendant

As the perfect gift for horse rider, all parts are 14-carat warm rose gold vermeil. You have two choices of chain lengths which are adjustable. The pendant is 20 mm in length and features a riding boot with a stirrup.

In the tread, a few sparky stones are set enhancing the look and beauty of the pendant.

3. Spa Package

There are so many benefits of a spa day, especially to a horse trainer. For starters, it offers stress relief eliminating the occurrence of headaches, and soreness. A day at the spa also promotes better sleep and lowers one’s blood pressure.

4. Original Custom Saddle Pad

Made from 100% high-quality needle punched wool or pressed wool, custom saddle pads are firm, breathable and durable. You can find custom saddle pads in several thickness options. As such, they absorb moisture thus removing heat from the horse’s back.

Apart from thickness, they also come in different colours making them the ideal horse-riding gifts.

5. Custom Stock Ties

You can style your horse trainer with custom stock ties. Available in white and other colours, custom stock ties can be beautifully made with your emblem or symbol. There are different designs and gifts for horse trainers you can choose from.

They include single bib stock ties, Euro stock ties and traditional stock ties.

6. Sparkly Bit Bracelet

Made of solid silver, it comes in curvy snaffle bits. With a length of 19 cm long, the Sparkly Bracelet has zirconia covered joining links. This adds more sparkle to the bracelet.

A bracelet can symbolize a lot of things. For starters, it symbolizes friendship or connectedness. If one or two charms are put on the bracelet, it symbolizes the person’s character.

For instance, a heart shape symbolizes love and commitment.

7. Stainless Steel Thermos

Don’t want your horse trainer to freeze in the cold? Gift him or her with a stainless-steel thermos. Designed to keep beverages such as coffee and tea hot for longer, it comes in handy in cold weather.

What you need to know is that the thermos is available in different colours.

Finding the Perfect Gifts for Horse Trainers

There are more ideas you can consider as gifts for horse trainers. They include vintage low-rise breech, over the calf peddies for ladies, all-weather gloves and soft shell jacket. Remember, it’s the thought that counts.

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