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Are you passionate about animals? Do you experience an emotional response to certain animal symbols?

Cultures, countries, and religions rely on symbols to protect and unify those belonging to the group. A survey of symbols formed into jewellery shows the myriad of beliefs and emotions expressed and valued by the person wearing the piece.

Early hieroglyphics incorporated animals to tell their story. Our jewellery today tells our story as well.

Symbolism in Jewellery

Communication is fundamental in our lives. Throughout history, symbols have played an integral role in rituals of expression. Literal representations of objects take on new meanings. A single symbol conveys information and ideas to individuals or groups.

These symbols serve to bring people closer together in love, strength, spirituality, and belief. Symbols form a common language that reaches beyond the spoken word.

6 Fascinating Animal Symbols for Jewellery

Animals have held symbolic meanings throughout history.

Animal symbols often embody vast stories, passions, and beliefs for the wearer. When received as a gift, the piece often shows love and bonding between two individuals.

These six animal symbols demonstrate a sample of the love and unity that jewellery can hold.

1. The Bee

The bee represents Spring and Summertime. Today, many people feel concern for preserving the bees. Without the bee, the life cycle of the world ends.

Thus, the beautiful bee not only creates a wonderful piece of jewellery, but it also symbolizes your love for our earth.

2. The Dog

Man’s and woman’s best friend. Scientific evidence shows that dogs have been living with people for 32,000 years. They serve as companions, service animals, and have key roles as work animals.

The symbol of a dog can represent a host of emotions and memories for an individual. Bearing the symbol of the dog often provides comfort and joy.

3. The Horse

In nature, the horse relies on relationships with its herd. This holds the herd together and ensures protection and survival. These same values apply in human families and friendships.

The horse symbolizes feelings of trust, respect, confidence, and connectedness. Horses have extraordinary powers of communication. Being present in a herd provides a great privilege and benefit for humans.

4. The Butterfly

The butterfly remains one of the most symbolic animals throughout many cultures. It signifies the power of personal transformation. Some believe seeing a butterfly indicates oncoming personal change or metamorphosis.

This change symbolizes a journey from an old life to a new one. And from a place of ignorance to awareness. The butterfly gives us hope for a better life.

5. The Cat

The ancient symbolic Celtic cat embodies the guardian of the Otherworld. Cats keep secrets. They gaze with contempt upon the world that doesn’t comprehend their knowledge.

Feline myths demonstrate rigidity in good vs. evil, reflecting people’s opinions of cats. Despite their stance, humans remain influenced by the legends and lore of the cat.

6. The Elephant

Many cultures depict the majestic elephant as a symbol of strength and power in the body and mind. The elephant helps us along our journey that necessitates patience.

The elephant also demonstrates sensitivity, wisdom, stability, loyalty, intelligence, peace, reliability, and determination. These gentle giants show great gentleness and care toward their calves and other members of their herd.

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